Chelsea restaurant, Wilson Mendez OED for Own Every Dollar Trinitarios gang

A vicious crew is accused of ambushing high-end New York City restaurants and forcibly stealing patrons of expensive valuables. A Manhattan detective opened fire early Monday on suspected members of a high-end robbery ring casing a Chelsea restaurant — and who are probably connected to last month's shooting at Philippe Chow, according to police sources.

Ashli Babbitt funeral memorial obituary, antifa justice for Last Words Video

The storm is here: the journey of Ashli Babbitt from the guardian capitol to the invader. The politician she admired had lost an election over all others. She had suffered with crushing debt levels. Due to a virus she thought was fiction, her home state of California was locking down again. Ashli Babbitt was elated as she walked east on Wednesday along the Mall, carrying a backpack emblazoned with the American flag.