2013 pixie cut hair photo: Beyoncé Fans Bash John Schneider for Dissin' Queen Bey's Country Vibes

John Schneider criticized Beyoncé, leading to backlash from users who are defending Beyoncé's freedom and condemning Schneider's remarks. Some accuse him of being hateful and ignorant, while others question his authority on country matters and label him a racist.

Reclaiming the Renaissance: Harlem's Hidden Heroes Take Center Stage

Think about it, man. You can't talk about 20th-century America without mentioning Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington. That's just basic, ya dig? These cats from the Harlem Renaissance, holding it down from 1919 to the late 1930s, they're like the OGs of American culture. Harlem was where it was at, the hub for Black creativity on a global scale.

Infamous Race Faker Rachel Dolezal Fired from Teaching Job Over OnlyFans Account

Rachel Dolezal, that infamous race faker and former big shot at the NAACP, just got the boot from her teaching gig in Arizona. And why, you ask? Well, it's 'cause they busted her for hustlin' on OnlyFans, yo! She was using the name Nkechi Diallo on the low, but they figured it out when her OnlyFans page popped up on her public socials.