Get Trump Never Surrender Sneakers Gold, Where and how to Buy


Get Trump Never Surrender Sneakers Gold, Where and how to Buy

Trump just dropped his own line of gold high top kicks, called the "Never Surrender High-Tops." And guess what? He did it right after he got slapped with a $354.9 million court fine for pulling some shady moves with his cash flow, you feel me?

So, picture this: Trump rolls up to Sneaker Con in Philly, claiming he's been itching to do this for ages. But yo, the crowd ain't all love and cheers. There's a mix of boos and shouts, and apparently, the scent of some good ol' weed was floating around. Guess Trump's appeal ain't hitting with the sneakerheads like he thought.

Now, these kicks ain't your regular run-of-the-mill joints. Nah, they're shiny, gold high tops with the stars and stripes slapped on the back. And Trump's selling these babies for $399 a pop. Oh, and don't forget, he's also pushing his Victory47 cologne and perfume at 99 bucks a bottle. Dude's trying to make bank.

But get this, the website claims it's got nothing to do with Trump's political hustle, even though his campaign peeps were hyping up his appearance online. Smooth move, right?

And yo, Trump ain't taking that court ruling lying down. He's out here calling it some kind of election interference scheme, saying the judge is part of a left-wing plot to shut him down. Classic Trump, always blaming someone else for his problems.

But hold up, it ain't just kicks and court drama for Trump. Homeboy's got criminal trials lined up too, including one for allegedly paying off a porn star. Talk about a wild ride post-presidency.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley's throwing shade at Trump left and right, saying he's more likely to be chilling in court than hitting the campaign trail. She's calling out his legal mess and even took a swipe at him for staying silent on the death of a Russian opposition leader.

Seems like Trump's got some serious beef on his plate, and his rivals ain't holding back on calling him out. Let's see how this drama unfolds, fam.