Sydney Serial rapist epping, Gregory John Richardson, released in just five years


Sydney Serial rapist epping, Gregory John Richardson, released in just five years

In just five years, serial rapist who assaulted unknown women may be published

A guy who targeted unknown women in northwest Sydney for three decades could be out in five years.

Gregory John Richardson, 53, assaulted four women near his Epping home from 1989-2007.

The court heard a 16-year-old teen, identified by the alias Rebecca, walking home one evening when she was attacked.

He told her to undo her trousers and threatened to kill her as she refused to pull her mask.

A 14-year-old emerged from school nude out of the woods and assaulted her.

He warned her, "Don't call the police or I'll hurt you."

Richardson was arrested after a DNA breakthrough related to the crimes.

Gregory John Richardson

Five Year Ago

Alleged serial sex abuser following a cold breakthrough

DNA evidence helped investigators solve the cold case involving 20 murders and a dozen victims in Macquarie Park, Epping, Cheltenham, Beecroft and Hornsby between 1989 and 2007. Victims ranged from 14-40.

Gregory John Richardson, a 51-year-old two-truck driver, was arrested at his Epping home around 7 am last Thursday and led by detectives in his pajamas.

It's known that a family DNA match contributed to the breakthrough, with old data closely matched to his brother, who's in prison for sex crimes but had an alibi.

Strike Force investigators, supported by North West Metropolitan Area Operations Support Group, conducted search warrants at two locations in Ryde and one at Berrilee.

"There are the worse forms [of sexual assault]," said Strike Force Petit Chief, Superintendent John Kerlatec, today.

"I can imagine the worst. There were predatory threats on business people.

Det Supt Kerlatec said they had all been approached shortly after the detention, but said they had shown "mixed emotions."

Some had assured him they were thankful for the success in the event, and others were "sadly" very emotional.

"Some were really glad that these 30-odd-year-old ghosts were gone, they could walk about and feel healthy again," Det Supt Kerlatec said.

"These demons with them have been gone for 30-odd years. They can walk and feel comfortable again.

Detectives initially related Richardson to four suspected cold case sexual assaults, but by the afternoon of his arrest, the number increased to 20 sexual assaults.

Strike Force Petit 's report involved a study of all information gathered at the time of the attacks, such as location, women's descriptions at the time, and some forensic analyses.

Investigators related the initial four distinct sexual attacks based on common modus operandi and characteristics like attack time, state, and venue.

Those attacks were later proven to be connected by DNA data, but the man is still awaiting forensic tests, while police have other ties to the crimes they did not announce at today's media briefing.

"Forensic evidence wasn't this investigation's sole donor," Det Supt Kerlatec said.

Rather, he said it was "an thorough review of all the victims' evidence at the moment."

"We've got experts scour this ... it's like a jigsaw puzzle without understanding what it looked like," he stated.

Richardson faces 20 charges including multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault inflicting real physical harm, stalking and bullying, and acts of indecency with a child under 16 in Ryde and Hornsby's vicinity.

In Burwood Local Court on Friday, his counsel made no officially denied bail appeal and Richardson did not plead on any of the offences.

Gregory John Richardson