18 Interesting Jobs If You Want to Get Into Fashion


18 Interesting Jobs If You Want to Get Into Fashion

As Miranda Priestly said in The Devil Wears Zara, "Everyone wants to be one of us". Fashion jobs are enviable, but the truth is that most of them are not as glamorous as they seem and involve long hours and not very high pay. However, if fashion is your calling and you want to dedicate yourself to it, take a look at these 18 fashion-related professions that may be just right for you.

Not all of the following professions will require you to take exams, write my essay, and get a university degree. The most important thing in fashion is your talent.

Fashion Designer

It's not hard. We'll start with one of the first professions that come to mind if you really love fashion. It takes talent and a lot of creativity, you have to be unique and know how to choose a different path than what others are doing. Most start out designing for others until they eventually create their own. You can also specialize in shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, leather, textiles, etc.


The designer invents and the pattern maker is responsible for bringing to life what the designer has in mind. This is less creative and more practical work, very interesting if you like to bring to life what is just a drawing and turn it into something physical.


In the '90s, they were the most envied. Top models reigned supreme and claimed they wouldn't get out of bed for less than 10,000 euros. Today, things have changed, and models with more followers on an Instagram triumph because the brand knows that if it hires that model, it will get more publicity.


Fashion illustrators are having a moment of great success. Sometimes we like to look at a drawing more than a photograph, they give a more personal image.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can also specialize in fashion. They are a fundamental part of the image and communication of brands in both physical and online stores, as well as in all types of channels.


They used to be the women in the shadows on the red carpets, but now we know the names of stylists who dress celebrities. You can also work as a stylist on television, deciding how presenters dress and choosing the look they create.

Stage Costume Specialist

Dressing for real life is one thing, but dressing for the stage is quite another. If you want to be responsible for costumes for shows, movies, and theater, stage costume studios are the right place for you.

Personal Shopper

Often the professions of stylist and personal shopper go hand in hand, but not always. Department stores have personal shoppers who will advise you on what to buy so you can make the best use of your clothing budget. Other times, personal shoppers shop for people who are too busy. Shopping for others can be a lot of fun. If you look at the syllabus, you can see what goes into the duties of a personal shopper.

Wedding planner

These are a variety of personal shoppers. The person in charge of organizing the wedding helps with the selection of the dress and also has to choose the invitations, decorations, and all the details to make the wedding perfect.

Fashion Editor

Fashion journalists have always had something to say in the fashion world. You can write about fashion, but you can also prepare fashion editorials, pick outfits, and choose locations for shoots. No wonder it's such a sought-after job. The documentary "September Issue" got a lot of people dreaming about this job.


Event Organizer

Fashion requires organizing a lot of events. You may be responsible for organizing runway shows, showrooms, fashion fairs, exhibitions, conventions, and so on. Sounds interesting, but at parties, the organizer is the person who has the hardest job. She has to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Brand PR

If marketing is your thing, fashion needs people with good ideas who specialize in communication and advertising. We're talking about communicating the brand's image to the press, preparing press releases, developing campaigns, etc.

Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising or window dresser is responsible for managing merchandise at the point of sale, placing displays and mannequins to make merchandise, and fashion, even more attractive.

Retail Designer

Halfway between the professions of decorating and visual merchandising, the retail designer is the one who designs the retail space, the store, so that the space is optimized. They have to consider lighting, space, how to place products so that they convey what we want, the type of consumer we are targeting, etc. If you're interested, you can learn more about this research here.

Product Manager

In fashion companies, the product manager is basically responsible for managing everything, production, supplier, and customer relations. Everything has to be perfect the moment customers need it. They are usually divided into categories or types, depending on the type of company and its product.

Community Manager

The world of social media has created new professions. Community Manager is one of the most talked about. They are responsible for managing a fashion company's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever, interacting with followers, and helping to convey the best image of the brand.

Blogger, Youtuber or Instagrammer

Years ago, we would never have thought that starting a blog or posting videos on YouTube was a profession, but today we know that many people make a lot of money with their image on the networks. You can dedicate yourself to all three media or focus on one of them, but to make your fashion blogging a profession, you have to put in a lot of effort before you get results.

Fashion Business Manager

If you are in management, you can specialize in fashion companies. Since fashion is not just about creativity, talent, and design, you need to have a financial mindset to grow your business. Many universities and training centers offer specializations in fashion business management.

Have you thought about what you want your future career in fashion to be?