Why was Christine Jessops dad in jail, Bob Jessop brother father


Why was Christine Jessops dad in jail, Bob Jessop brother father

'It had to be someone we knew well': since 1984, Christine Jessop 's family talks solved

The day after Toronto police report they solved Christine Jessop's 1984 cold case murder, the nine-year - old family sat with Global News to explain how they felt.

 Christine Jessops

"Relief that we actually got the response we've been looking for, furious about who it's, disappointed, sad," said Kenny Jessop, Christine's older brother. "As in this situation, it couldn't be a easy answer ... it had to be someone we knew well."

Police confirmed Calvin Hoover was matched using genealogy based on a DNA extract from Christine 's underwear. At the time of the assassination, police reported Hoover was 28 and died in 2015.

Kenny and Janet Jessop, Christine 's mother, revealed they met Hoover and his then-wife Heather to Global News. Kenny and Christine would play with their kids and they'd get together for barbecues.

Christine, nine, was missing on Oct. 3, 1984 in Queensville, Ont., and her remains were discovered three months later on New Year's Eve in a rural area of Durham Province.

The baby was raped and killed.

Police said Christine wanted to meet a friend that night at a local park, but never turned up. She was last seen buying a pack at a grocery store near her house.

Kenny said the discovery that Hoover was the murderer of his sister "came out of the blue," but he said the perpetrator would always be somebody they knew.

"There were three people my mom said that morning we went to see my dad in jail and Christine wasn't coming," he said, noting that he had forgotten that his mom had told Hoover 's wife.

Kenny said he didn't really know Hoover, but he remembered his face when police posted his picture on Thursday.

The case attracted national attention , particularly when police charged the neighbor of the Jessop family, Guy Paul Morin, in death of nine-year-old. In 1995, however, Morin was exonerated for advancing in DNA research. He served 18 months in prison.

Calvin Hoover

Morin released a statement Thursday via his counsel, the only statement he'll make, he added.

"For Christine 's mother, Janet, and her family, I'm relieved and hope this will give them some peace of mind. They've been through a horrible ordeal for 36 years since Christine's 1984 defeat, "the statement added.

"I 'm glad the Toronto Police remained with the case and eventually solved it. When I was exonerated by DNA in January 1995, I was confident that DNA would expose the true killer and now it has.

For the Jessop family, Morin even relieved them.

"I 'm glad Paul's completely rid of whispering and fears," said Kenny.

"She should have had the opportunity," she said, portraying Christine as a tom boy not hurting a fly.

Kenny said she'd pursue him everywhere, traditional "big brother, little sister stuff."

As with someone or some other family that has anything close to the Jessop family, Janet had to say:

"Hang on, never give up hope."

Kenny and Janet have said they're stronger now than ever before, describing themselves as "pillars of courage" each other during the decades-long ordeal.

Police are now asking the public for updates about Hoover to determine a timetable on his whereabouts and the final moments of Christine 's life.