Tcp/ip failure eftpos p6 commonwealth bank outage today app down


Tcp/ip failure eftpos p6 commonwealth bank outage today app down

The Commonwealth Bank has experienced a significant service outage that has impacted ATMs and Netbank.

Commonwealth Bank is currently experiencing its second significant service disruption in less than a week.

On Wednesday afternoon, the bank stated that it was experiencing "an issue with a few of our merchant terminals."

“We are currently working to resolve this and apologize for the inconvenience,” it tweeted around 1.40pm.

Customers complained about being unable to access the bank's mobile application, NetBank website, or ATMs.

Nearly three hours later, the bank confirmed that it was still resolving the issues but that EFTPOS services were available.

It urged people with "urgent inquiries" to call, but noted that reaching an operator could take up to an hour.

Defiant reaction

The bank was one of several Australian businesses that experienced outages last Thursday as a result of a failure of a critical piece of internet infrastructure.

Within an hour of the bank reporting the outage on Facebook on Wednesday, more than 600 people had commented, with many expressing frustration that the events had put them in financial difficulty.

"This is laughable." We've lost hundreds of dollars today... each time this happens, it's a blow to our small family business," one commenter stated.

The bank responded to another commenter who stated that outages had become "far too frequent in recent months."

“I'm sorry you're experiencing difficulties - please bear with us; we'll resolve it as soon as possible,” the bank's Facebook page replied.

Additionally, the account advised several individuals whose businesses had been impacted to "revert to manual downtime processing.", an internet monitoring website, noted a spike in outage reports at approximately 1650 at 2.20pm.