Seattle Seahawks QB Alex McGough punching Anthony Albino at St. Patrick’s Day


Seattle Seahawks QB Alex McGough punching Anthony Albino at St. Patrick’s Day

In a bloody bar battle, Seahawks quarterback Alex McGough allegedly punched a man.
The Seattle Seahawks are dealing with yet another quarterback controversy.

Police are investigating Russell Wilson's backup quarterback for reportedly hitting a man in the face at a bar on St. Patrick's Day, according to TMZ Sports.

Alex McGough, 25, a seventh-round pick out of FIU in 2018, was reportedly at the Green Parrot Pub in Tampa, FL when an altercation erupted... and things turned violent.

The alleged suspect, Anthony Albino, 24, told TMZ Sports that he was reconnecting with an old friend at the bar when McGough confronted him and accused him of shooting his shot at his girlfriend.

Anthony claims the NFL player became enraged, and McGough smacked him in the face out of nowhere.

Anthony can be seen with red marks on his hands... surrounded by bloody paper towels he used to clean himself up in video captured by TMZ Sports after the alleged incident.

Anthony claims the incident left him with minor injuries, including a bloody nose and a gash on his elbow.

According to sources, Anthony went to the police the next day and filled out a report with the intent of filing charges.

McGough has yet to be arrested or charged with a crime, but our law enforcement sources report that the incident is being investigated and that police expect to talk with McGough shortly.

We've reached out to McGough's camp for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

McGough was named to the Seahawks' practice squad in December 2020, and he's currently listed as the team's No. 2 quarterback on the depth chart.

The Seahawks tend to have a problem with their backup quarterbacks, as Trevone Boykin was cut in 2018 after being arrested for domestic abuse.