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Robert Jamonte Abrams alabama mobile al first 48, trial murder

Alabama resident Robert Abrams was arrested for the murder of Manchella Allen. Is he still incarcerated?

Abrams is the assassin who pulled the trigger in the Manchella Joe Allen murder. Manchella was assassinated at the "Cookies-N-Cream" nightclub, and two suspects, Robert Abrams and Breanna Cunningham, were arrested at Metro Jail.

The victim was in the wrong location at the wrong time and was unfamiliar with the suspects. The following month, preliminary hearings for Robert and Breanna were scheduled.

Robert Jamonte Abrams alabama mobile al first 48 trial murder
Robert Jamonte Abrams
Robert Abrams: Who Is He? A Man From Alabama Has Been Arrested In Connection With Manchella Allen's Murder

Robert Abrams was 30 years old when he was arrested. Robert Jamonte Abrams is his full name. He was dating Breanna Cunningham at the time.

They were apprehended and charged with first-degree murder. Both Abrams and Cunningham have entered not guilty pleas.

Abrams and Cunningham shot and killed Allen in the early morning hours of February 27th, Fox 10 News reports. The shooting occurred following a verbal altercation at the Cookies-N-Cream nightclub on Theodore Dawes Road.

Allen attempted to use the bathroom but was stopped by Robert who slammed the door shut. They got into an argument, and he shot the victim six times in the strip club.

On February 27, at approximately 1:30 a.m., the police responded to the club regarding a homicide.

Robert was located in Biloxi, Mississippi, with his girlfriend, Breanna. They were arrested on March 2, 2021, by US Police officers from the Biloxi Police Department and the D'lberville Police Department.

Is Robert Abrams Currently Imprisoned?

Robert Abrams remains imprisoned in connection with the murder of Manchella Allen.

For a time, the MPD was unable to locate him and requested assistance in locating him. Robert was initially detained for questioning in connection with the 45-year-old Allen's homicide investigation, according to My NBC 15.

Abrams was arrested and charged with the murder of Manchella Allen at the Biloxi Police Department.

brianna cunningham
brianna cunningham
The Details Of The Robert Abrams And Breanna Cunningham Trial Have Been Revealed

The trial of Robert Abrams and Brianna Cunningham is currently closed to the public. Both Abrams and Cunningham were scheduled to appear in court a month after the incident. Their next court date and sentence will be announced shortly.

The public was not informed of the court orders. It is unknown whether Robert retained an attorney to speak on his behalf.

Breanna was charged in the case because she was in possession of the gun used to murder Manchella. They drove away from the club following the shooting.


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