Richard Carranza left his wife Monique, living with raquel sosa Gonzalez


Richard Carranza left his wife Monique, living with raquel sosa Gonzalez

Former chancellor Carranza is living with an employee he hired for a lucrative position.

Richard Carranza, the former New York City Schools Chancellor, has left his wife for a Houston administrator he brought to New York for a six-figure Department of Education position.

There is a record that both Raquel Sosa and Carranza have listed the same luxurious high-rise condo in San Antonio, Texas as their present residence.

Carranza's friendship with them appears to substantiate a charge that he abused his position to favor friends, a complaint that city school inspectors did not touch on.

A Houston elementary school principal was named "senior director of ELL (English Language Learner) newcomers and kids in temporary housing" in December 2018, eight months after Carranza became NYC chancellor. Sosa's beginning pay was $149,000.

Sosa was promoted to "senior director for development, support, and implementation in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning" in October, according to officials. As of 2020, her pay will be $156.274.

In mid-July, Sosa worked from home. According to DOE spokeswoman Katie O'Hanlon, she retired on August 31.

The nation's largest school system's chancellor, who earned $363,346 per year, resigned in March despite the pandemic. Carranza had been in charge for nearly three years. Affected by COVID-19, he claimed, he was forced to grieve the loss of loved ones, but then went on to work for an educational technology company with millions in DOE contracts.

Richard Carranza left his wife Monique

Earlier this week, Carranza and Sosa uploaded the same profile picture on Facebook.

Carranza, 54, is open about his feelings for her. For example, he wrote: "Absolutely lovely mi vida!!!!" in response to numerous images of Sosa.

Upon seeing an August 12 video of a Mariachi concert, Carranza replied: "Thank you for coming along with me, mi amor." "I love you," he said.

He met Carranza when he was Houston's superintendent of schools, and the two became friends. When she went to New York City, she was already divorced and living with her ex-husband.

Richard Carranza left his wife Monique Carranza had a spouse. As of August 2020, his wife, Monique, filed for divorce in Brooklyn Supreme Court. She finally relocated back to California, while he continued to work in New York. Two children were born to them. She didn't answer her phone. In accordance with court records, the divorce isn't complete at this time.

Early in 2019, a complaint was filed against Sosa and two other pals from California, where Carranza was administrator of schools in San Francisco, according to The New York Post.

"At the order of chancellor Carranza," a whistleblower said, DOE hired them in 2018 without posting the jobs and without interviewing other candidates.

"A guy of color," Carranza dubbed it at the time.

This week, the SCI said that "this matter has been concluded" and that "no further information is available at this time."

A SCI spokesperson refused to reveal whether the complaints were investigated or why the investigation was closed. De Blasio had no influence, she said.

Martin, a San Francisco teacher who met Carranza as the city's superintendent of schools, was also identified in the complaint to SCI. The DOE named her associate director for community and family empowerment in the Division of Multilingual Learners in October 2018, paying her a salary of $119,587. DOE: In October of this year, Martin resigned from his post. No justification was given by a spokesperson.

Illuminate Education Inc.'s Vice President Abram Jimenez was also mentioned in the indictment. There is no longer a position with the title, "executive director of continuous school improvement." To avoid an apparent conflict of interest, Jimenez resigned from his $205,416-a-year employment in July of 2019.

There was no response to calls for comment from Carranza or Sosa.