Eden Prairie Man's Shocking Confession: Pleads Guilty in Shocking Murder of 22-Year-Old in Bloomington


Eden Prairie Man's Shocking Confession: Pleads Guilty in Shocking Murder of 22-Year-Old in Bloomington

In a dramatic turn of events, an Eden Prairie man, Mohamed-Amin Bayle Idd, has dramatically altered his plea to guilty in a fatal shooting that claimed the life of a 22-year-old in Bloomington last year. Originally denying the charges, Idd, 26, struck a sensational amended plea deal, admitting to second-degree murder on Tuesday.

The court documents reveal that Idd's next appearance is scheduled for Aug. 2, with the sentencing date yet to be determined. The chilling incident unfolded on Nov. 30, 2020, when the Bloomington Police Department responded to gunshots in the 6800 block of West Old Shakopee Road around 5:30 a.m.

Idd, along with 27-year-old Abdi Bishar Mohamed of Minneapolis, was apprehended at the scene. The victim, Shakur Freed Muhammed of Hopkins, suffered fatal gunshot wounds in an apartment formerly leased by Idd during a confrontation that took place earlier that night.

In a macabre twist, Muhammed succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds in the Hampshire Hill Apartment complex, leaving a haunting trail of violence. Both Idd and Mohamed were embroiled in the incident, with Idd receiving treatment for gunshot wounds to his upper body before being taken into custody.

Mohamed, who pleaded guilty on July 2, faces charges of aiding an offender and second-degree assault. His next court appearance is set for Aug. 23. The shocking case involves a web of criminal activity, with both Idd and Mohamed having prior felony convictions that legally prohibit them from possessing firearms.

Behind bars at the Hennepin County Jail, Idd and Mohamed stand accused of grave charges, including second-degree murder, possession of ammunition/firearm, and aiding an offender after the fact. The criminal complaints reveal a chilling scene, with witnesses reporting gunshots, broken glass, and a menacing confrontation leading to Muhammed's tragic demise.

Mohamed Amin Bayle Idd

As the details emerged, conflicting accounts from Idd and Mohamed further deepened the mystery, prompting police to employ a robot with a camera to investigate the crime scene. Inside Idd's apartment, officers discovered Muhammed's lifeless body amidst a pool of blood, adding a gruesome layer to the unfolding tragedy.

Surveillance footage caught Idd handing a gun to Mohamed, who disposed of it in a trash bin near the crime scene. Another firearm was recovered near the building, underscoring the severity of the crime. Eyewitnesses in the apartment complex described the harrowing sounds of gunfire and observed Idd and Mohamed fleeing the scene.

A courageous witness from the 10680 building recounted hearing chilling threats of murder before witnessing the fatal shots and the subsequent attempt to enter her building, foiled by the swift police intervention. The shocking revelations continued as details of Muhammed's activities prior to the shooting emerged, involving a heated argument with his girlfriend and a daring theft of Percocet pills.

In this riveting tale of crime and consequence, the Eden Prairie man's guilty plea marks a stunning climax in a case that has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving a dark legacy of violence in its wake. The court awaits the final chapter as the sentencing date looms, promising a sobering conclusion to a tale of tragedy and betrayal.