Minnesota Burnsville Police Shot, Suspect Shannon Cortez Gooden


Minnesota Burnsville Police Shot, Suspect Shannon Cortez Gooden

on Monday, officials dropped the bomb that Shannon Cortez Gooden, 38, was the one who busted caps on Sunday morning in Burnsville, taking out three first responders.

Dude had a rap sheet that screamed trouble. Court records say Gooden lost his gun privileges 'cause of a felony assault back in 2007. Homeboy tried to get his piece back in 2020, but nah, they shut him down. And guess what? At the scene, they found not one, not two, but a whole stash of guns.

So here’s the lowdown: cops rolled up to this crib on 33rd Avenue South around 2 a.m., dealing with some domestic beef involving a dude packing heat. Despite trying to talk sense into him, the dude starts blasting from inside the crib. And get this, they said there were seven kids in the mix, ages 2 to 15.

The shootout took out Officer Paul Elmstrand, Officer Matthew Ruge, and firefighter-paramedic Adam Finseth. And Sgt. Adam Medlicott caught some lead too but thankfully made it out alive.

Around 8 a.m., they say Gooden punched his own ticket. How? Beats me, man.

Shannon Cortez Gooden

They're still digging into what went down that day. The BCA and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety are on the case.

Gooden's got a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt. Domestic beef back in 2005, felony assault in 2007, you name it. Dude's been in and out of trouble.

And get this, dude tried to get his gun rights back in 2020. But nah, ain't happening. And how he got all those guns and ammo? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fast forward to Feb. 20, and the medical examiner says Gooden bit the bullet. Shot himself in the head, they say. All went down at the same crib in Burnsville.

BCA's still turning over stones on this one.