Michael Lichaa fiancé wife, adam elliott partner kara childerhouse Instagram


Michael Lichaa fiancé wife, adam elliott partner kara childerhouse Instagram

X-RATED Rugby star almost died when he punched a window when he saw his beautiful fiancee having sex with a teammate.

Michael Lichaa, a star in the Rugby League, almost died from losing too much blood when he punched a window after seeing his ex-girlfriend do a sex act on a teammate.

Former Canterbury Bulldogs star Lichaa, now 29, was cleared of domestic violence charges on Friday after his ex-girlfriend Kara Childerhouse didn't show up to court to testify against him.

The court heard that the Australian was shocked when he found his ex-partner and teammate, Adam Elliott, with another man in his back yard.

The 29-year-old man was so angry and drunk from drinking all afternoon and into the early morning that he punched a hole in the glass window of his front door.

Lichaa had lost 2.5 litres of blood, and his dad, Joe, told the court that he was afraid his son was going to die.

Michael Lichaa

Concerned neighbours called the police and said they heard a man yell, "I'm going to f***ing kill her!"

Childerhouse said that the ex-NFL player hit her, so he was charged with domestic violence.

But on Thursday, she didn't show up in court, and a statement in which she denied the accusations was used as proof.

Michael Lichaa

Elliott, on the other hand, told the court that he had been drinking for 12 hours on the day of the incident. He also said, "I disagree" when it was said that Lichaa had hurt Childerhouse.

Magistrate Melissa Humphreys also found the former rugby player not guilty of one count of intimidating a witness.

Michael Lichaa

He pleaded guilty to the less serious charge of damaging property, but the judge didn't find him guilty and gave him a two-year conditional release order instead.

Lichaa said during the hearing and afterwards that the incident had hurt him emotionally.

In what the judge called "sincere and insightful" testimony, he talked about how that event made him decide to go to counselling so he could take responsibility for his actions.

Michael Lichaa

Lichaa told the court on Friday, "I couldn't stop thinking about my fiancee giving my best friend oral sex."

He told NCA NewsWire, "I'm glad the truth came out at last. I was sure the truth was out there the whole time."

But I just want to put it all behind me and move on with my life. I want to look forwards to happy times."