Megan Skye Blancada Wolf Creek Cast Sky News, child sex abuse charges


Megan Skye Blancada Wolf Creek Cast Sky News, child sex abuse charges

There's this bikini babe and actress who had a lil' stint in that freaky movie Wolf Creek, right? Well, turns out she's in some deep trouble 'cause she got busted for allegedly gettin' down with a teen boy and havin' some messed-up stuff on her phone.

So, this chick named Megan Skye Blancada, she's a young mom and model, she had to show up at court in Adelaide, and they're slappin' her with charges for gettin' frisky with a kid under 16 and havin' nasty pics or vids of kids.

The cops are sayin' this went down between July 30, 2021, and November 6, 2023, up in the north side of Adelaide.

On her socials, this Blancada, 34 years young, is all about flexin' her fitness model gig and braggin' about her bit parts in flicks like Hey Hey Its Esther and that Wolf Creek joint. Plus, she's always flauntin' her bikini shoots like it's her job.

Megan Skye Blancada

She's even posted up pics rockin' a Jadore dress, talkin' about struttin' her stuff at some fancy event in Sydney. Claims she's modeled for big names like Mitsubishi and Bank SA, and even wrote some book called Shadow Hunters: Shadows in the Wall.

Says she's all about keepin' her personal life on the DL, but I guess that ain't workin' out too well for her now.

Her lawyer's sayin' she's gonna own up to some of this mess, like unlawful sexy times and a couple of indecent moves. Cops got her phone, found the gross stuff on it after they hauled her in last November.

Megan Skye Blancada

They're still hagglin' over the details, though, so they pushed her court date to May 1st.

Blancada rolled up to court lookin' all clean-cut in a white shirt and black pants, blonde waves bouncin'. But she ain't got nothin' to say as she dipped outta there.

Guess we'll see what goes down when she's back in court in May to face the music.