Mckenzie Lorraine Robinson Video, Kotoni Staggs Leaked Instagram


Mckenzie Lorraine Robinson Video, Kotoni Staggs Leaked Instagram

Teen at the core of a sex tape controversy involving Kotoni Staggs bombarded the NRL star with 40 messages after he reportedly refused a threesome 's proposition, as she pleads guilty to leak the footage

  • McKenzie Robinson pled guilty to free herself and NRL star
  • Robinson, 18, allegedly asked Kotoni Staggs for a three-way leak.
  • Staggs says the video was humiliating and illegal
  • She was fined $600 and has no conviction against her
  • The court learned that she knew he was a professional player
  • Ms Robinson submitted the video to someone who spread it further
  • She appeared in court early Friday morning in a vivid floral mini-dress

A teenager who posted a sex tape of herself with a star footballer bombarded him with up to 40 texts, a court heard.

On Friday, McKenzie Lorraine Robinson, 18, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with selling the illicit vision.

She pleaded guilty to share with star Brisbane Broncos center Kotoni Staggs the video of the 'first guy' between June 14 and August 5 without his permission.

However, she denied understanding that Staggs was a high-profile footballer, despite interacting with him on his Instagram page-including hundreds of images in his club uniform.

Ms Robinson was fined $600. Maximum felony punishment is a three-year jail sentence.

Magistrate Tina Privatera found an early plea of guilty, and Ms Robinson escaped conviction.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Henri Rantala told the court that on June 15, Ms Robinson first posted Staggs on Instagram to tell him he was 'cute' after she saw him tagged in another person's picture.

The talk progressed long into the afternoon, and Staggs decided to go to Ms Robinson's Newstead home that evening.

Staggs spent several hours at home and decided to be filmed engaging in consensual sex despite having told Ms Robinson not to share the video with someone else.

Ms Robinson denies that filming their experience was her idea, but acknowledged that she made the video and on her tablet.

The two never spoke again, but Staggs later told Ms Robinson to bomb him with 30-40 messages over the next six weeks.

In one post, she included a snippet from the night-filmed footage.

It was previously stated that Ms Robinson asked Staggs to consider having a "threesome" with her and a friend.

Protection lawyer Jason Jacobson promised to give him a letter on seven different days to reopen dialogue and welcome him back home.

He said Ms Robinson had only arrived in Queensland ten days before meeting Staggs after transferring from New South Wales.

He said she moved to Queensland to 'avoid a tough situation in New South Wales,' resulting in a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis.

The court heard that Ms Robinson sent the vision to one user who wasn't identified but is at least twice her own age, and then circulated the video further.

The person who got the video was someone she had 'trusted,' heard the magistrate.

It was circulated to other sport clubs by August 4 and heard the court on many social media channels.

When handing down her verdict, the judge said she wished the girl had understood the ordeal.

'Such activity on social media is extremely damaging,' Ms Privatera said.

'This video is more derogatory than the survivor. Comprehend what I'm saying? 'She 's asking.

Ms Robinson replied: 'Yes, honor.'

The magistrate has agreed that there is no proof that Ms Robinson knew Staggs was a high-profile footballer when she started a discussion with him.

'You have no evidence of deliberate or spiteful actions to cause the victim the harm incurred by the recording distribution,' she said.

Sgt Rantala said the video gained widespread domestic and foreign coverage, causing Staggs a lot of 'personal humiliation' and 'professional ramifications impacting his public brand and future sponsorship opportunities.'

'The right phrase should represent ... Personal humiliation and economic consequences in the circumstances,' he stated.

Ms Robinson covered her face as she left court on Friday afternoon.

Her counsel, Mr Jacobson, said the girl taught a 'hard lesson.'

The court learnt that she was working as a customer service agent at a big corporation while at Tafe completing her 11th and 12th year higher school diploma.

She wants to return to New South Wales, studying psychology and social work.

'She's learned a hard lesson that these items shouldn't be distributed at all, because of course you believe you should trust one person with a secret and they can let you down,' he said.

Mr Jacobson 's former fixation on Ms Robinson, who now uses the pseudonym McKenziana Skye on social media, was never intended to circulate on social media.

'This private video wasn't made public by Ms Robinson,' he told reporters outside court at her last planned visit.

'She never meant it, and she deeply regrets that it did, and she deeply regrets the effect it had on Mr Staggs.

'There's a clarification as to how this happened, which will be taken to court at a later date.'

Staggs recently opened up about the harrowing ordeal of learning the tape was released, telling his tight-knit family what had happened was his greatest nightmare.

The 21-year-old said he was "shattered" that his private life was thrown into public domain.

'I've been humiliated. I didn't want my family to see it, I was concerned about it,' he told The Courier Mail.

'They've all got my back. I was shocked how well they took it, and I felt a little happier.'

Despite the up-and - coming Bronco humiliation, the NRL's honesty unit cleared Staggs of all misconduct after the video was published.

'It wasn't my responsibility but always active ... Often ups and downs. You benefit from mistakes,' he added.

Fed up with Ms Robinson's frequent texts after their one night together, Staggs allegedly begged the teen to stop texting him just weeks before the video was posted.

Since the video surfaced, he protested to police, alleging it was released without his permission.

The 18-year-old posted multiple pictures of herself on social media before removing them after the news erupted.

She wrote online 'dedicated to empowerment and love.'

'I'm (sic) empathy and have a massive high-energy connection to the world through readings of crystals, yoga, aromatherapy and oracle,' a message on her Instagram said.

Staggs' counsel Dave Garratt said his client praised Queensland Police for handling the case.

'Mr Staggs is deeply humiliated and disappointed by putting his private life into the public domain,' Mr Garratt said.

'He, his family and the club were humiliated and he hopes to bring this behind him now and leave it to the authorities.'

Staggs was at the forefront of another bizarre occurrence this year, when a host of victims came to the police alleging that someone had 'catfished' him on social media.

Police cleared Staggs of all misconduct.

It capped off a nightmare season for his first-time NRL club in their history.

Broncos coach Anthony Seibold was fired at the end of the year after managing three wins all season.

Stagg 's stellar efforts have been one of the few highlights for the Broncos during the season, and have been called a shoe-in to make his State of Origin debut.

But a crippling ACL injury in North Queensland's last-round defeat to the Broncos left him unavailable and saw him rest for six to nine months.