Kimberly Karen Mota de Oliveira murder by ex Rafael Fernandez Rodrigues

Brazilian beauty queen 22, killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend

Two days after she went missing, the 22-year-old student was found dead – her former boyfriend now charged her murder.

A man was accused of murdering his beauty queen ex-girlfriend after breaking with him.

Rafael Fernandez Rodrigues' trial of Kimberly Karen Mota de Oliveira's murder started Wednesday in Brazil.

Kimberly Karen Mota de Oliveira and ex Rafael Fernandez Rodrigues

Ms Oliveira's family told police on May 10 when she said she was with Rodrigues, according to local news.

Her family went to her apartment on May 11, but no one was home, and the next day police reported that Ms Oliveira's body was found.

Police say Rodrigues killed Ms Oliveira, crowned Miss Manicoré in 2019, out of envy on May 12 after the queen broke with him.

According to local reports, her dead body was found inside Rodrigues' apartment, along with the knife used in crime.

Rodrigues was arrested three days after the murder on May 15.

Kimberly Karen Mota de Oliveira

The 31-year-old was found hiding in a makeshift hut in Roraima, northern Brazil, near the Venezuelan border.

Authorities suspect he wanted to cross Venezuela's border and escape to Spain.

Investigators told local media that they didn't think the alleged murder was premeditated, and instead was a passion crime.

Eight experts are required to take the stand, and the defendant will also be interrogated after a psychiatric report ruled out allegations that he had a mental illness.

Rodrigues, from Sao Paulo, moved to Manaus in 2017 to serve at the local court.

He met Ms Oliveira at a nightclub and the couple went out for two months.

Ms Oliveira, 22, was a dentist and decided to run for Miss Amazonas.

The trial begins.