Jamie Trachsel wife Katie Rietkovich Browder ole miss football crazy scandal


Jamie Trachsel wife Katie Rietkovich Browder ole miss football crazy scandal

After an alleged hookup with a player, Ole Miss softball coach is embroiled in a scandal.

Assistant coach Katie Rietkovich Browder of the Ole Miss Rebels softball team has been accused of having an inappropriate contact with a student-athlete.

Softball website Running Poles reports that 13 persons associated with the program have corroborated the investigation into the suspected relationship.

Ole Miss' head coach Jamie Trachsel is accused of trying to cover up Browder's contact with a senior student-athlete, according to a letter acquired by the website and written to Keith Carter on July 29.

Apparently, Carter received the letter from a senior athlete on the squad who was dating the Browder-affiliated player, according to reports. She reportedly grabbed pictures of text messages between her girlfriend and Browder, printed them out, then taped them to a computer in Browder's workplace, according to reports.

According to an Ole Miss representative, "the university neither confirms nor comments on Title IX reviews."

Running Poles got a separate formal complaint on May 10 and sent it to Ole Miss Equal Opportunity and Regulation, Southeastern Conference Compliance, and NCAA Academic and Membership Affairs.

On the basis of NCAA Bylaw 2.2, Trachsel "developed and embraced a mentally harmful culture" and was expelled from the program.

Allegedly one of the seniors implicated said that they were going back to Ole Miss for COVID super senior year in July.

A spokesperson for Browder and Trachsel declined to comment.