Jacob Milton successfully sued a family, robbing from for $12 million


Jacob Milton successfully sued a family, robbing from for $12 million

The conman convicted sues his victims of New York and wins 12 million dollars.

After robbing a convicted thief, his victims claim that a family has successfully sued over $12 million.

The Queens conman, who raked over 1 million dollars by sweeping the identities of the six unsuspected families more than 10 years ago, now could leave a still larger batch of cash after convincing a Manhattan jury that the victims are to blame, according to court records, for his criminal convictions.

The victims claim that they had no idea that excon-Jacob Milton's lawsuit against them went to trial until he had received a letter from August 5 stating that they owed him 12.5 million dollars.

"If the victim of his fraud still hurts his financial life, how can the victims 'repay' him that sum?," said Kate Alvarez, one of the victims' families.

Milton was a 55-year-old mortgage broker in Queens who pleaded culpable of big larceny.

On behalf of more than half a dozen unsuspecting victims, six of whom have a relationship, it had been accused of carrying out large mortgages and carrying out large credit-card projects. According to the Queens District Attorney's Office, Milton was sentenced to 2 or 6 years in prison in 2010.

He lodged a $50 million lawsuit against the people from whom he stolen about a year after Milton got his freedom back, claiming that they had wrongly accused him, the court documents show.

At first, Noah Goldstein was hired to fight the case by the family—Mayra Macias, Juan C. Alvarez, Juan B. Alvarez, Lorena Alvarez, Martha Viteri and Hector Sandoval.

Jacob Milton

However, if Goldstein left the case later, they could not employ a new lawyer or respond to orders issued by the judge to take part in the trial.

"The family said they didn't know of a trial and a judgment was scheduled and conducted until the past week," Goldstein said. "The jury probably had to believe Milto and give him what he wants when he saw the chair of a blank defendant."

Milton's lawyer John DeMaio told the court in 2017 that he had mailed several documents to the victims and warned them about the proceedings, as legal papers indicated.

He wrote in one 2018 submission "I have no reason to believe that defendant would ever appear."

In March 2019, the case was brought before the jury in the courtroom of Judge Doris Ling-Cohan.

Alvarez insisted "no letter has ever been received stating a date or document from the court that they had to appear or otherwise. They receive this first letter, instead, stating that he won his case and they must pay twelve million."

The victims can go back to court and seek to dispel the decision or appeal, said the State Court Administration spokesman Lucian Chalfen.

In spite of his culpable plea, Milton was maintained innocent by a Bangladeshi immigrant, with a bombast who once held a TV show in Queens called "We Are the Peoples With Jacob Milton."

He reached The Post for comment, claiming that the prosecutors handling his case misrepresented proof and reiterated the claims of his victims who had wrongly accused him in the criminal case.