Ilknur Caliskan claims memory loss after allegedly stabbing husband to death


Ilknur Caliskan claims memory loss after allegedly stabbing husband to death

Ilknur Caliskan is accused of murdering her husband during a camping trip, and reportedly she can't remember the event. 

It's alleged that Caliskan fatally wounded her husband of 25 years, Serdar, during a trip at Mount Disappointment, to the north of Melbourne, last Saturday. 

The family's lawyer reports that the incident took place in front of three other couples present at the camp site, on a seemingly peaceful night. 

The Herald Sun reports that the couple's grown children said their parents were happy and recently returned from a trip to Turkey. 

Marcus Denning, Caliskan’s lawyer, says his client has little memory of what happened that night. 

Denning underlined that “Details of any violence are not present in her memory." 

"The situation occurred during a peaceful gathering around a bonfire," he said. 

Ilknur Caliskan

The couple lived with their adult children in Craigieburn, Melbourne. 

Denning expressed, “This case is strange due to there being no clear intent to kill, discernible motive, or history of violence." 

"It’s a horrific event. Our family is supporting their mother," assured Denning. 

Caliskan, 46, was visibly upset when she appeared in Shepparton Magistrates Court on Monday. 

She is due to have a forensic psychiatric evaluation later this month after being remanded in custody. 

Denning expressed hope for the coming assessment, stating, “We hope it will illuminate her mental health situation for the family, the public, and the justice system." 

Last Saturday night emergency services were called to bushland in Clonbinane, north of Melbourne, where Mr. Caliskan, 50, was found badly injured by a stab wound and subsequently died. 

Mrs. Caliskan was arrested at the scene and charged with murder the following afternoon. 

Caliskan is due in court next for a committal mention on December 19.