Howard Rubin Soros Lured Emma Hopper, Mia Lytell and Amy Moore


Howard Rubin Soros Lured Emma Hopper, Mia Lytell and Amy Moore

The right-hand man of George Soros accused his sex dungeon of BDSM crimes.

A high-fliever millionaire is accused in a top secret sex dungeon of shocking acts against women.

Howard Rubin seemed to have everything as a highly earned money manager – including for Soros fund. On the High East side, there was the $12.5 million co-op and a US$9 billion waterfront estate in the Hamptons. The co-op is worth a million dollars.

The couple gave almost $680,000 to charitable causes from 2015 to 2016, among which the New York Junior League and Hope for a Cure, for their spirit of generosity on the philanthropic circuit.

But he kept another retail holding hidden: a luxurious penthouse on Madison Avenue, equipped with blow-up images of playboy models and, apparently, all kinds of paraphernalian BDSM.

Rubin, now 66, is accused of committing violent acts and sexual aggression against a number of women in this secret sex dungeon, including real playboy playmates. A civil proceeding is scheduled for November involving six of his seven alleged victims who are seeking a minimum of $24 million.

Rubin was accused of, among other misdeeds, "beating the breast of a woman so badly that her right implant flipped" - a so serious injury she was not willing to even operate on her breasts, according to court documents.

For each BDSM session, he has supposedly paid his partners up to $6800. However, the women claim that they did not agree with Rubin's abuse and degradation.

One of the plaintiffs claims that while Rubin's lair tied and vulnerable, he told her, "I'll rape you like I'm rapeing my daughter," and then forced sex against her against her according to a complaint. (Rubin has three children, including at least one daughter, with his alienated wife.)

No comment to Rubin's lawyer.

In November 2017, the first allegations were made against the disgraced financial man, but on July 7 his 36-year-old wife Wall Streeter and Harvard MBA Mary Henry filed only for divorce.

"How much could a wife get?" said Merrill Lynch's manager, who worked with Mary.

"He was a lovely guy, I thought. He was a very normally nebbished Jew. I was surprised to find him [with the sex dungeon] in that apartment," said an investor, George Soros, who worked in Rubin's Soros Fund Management.

And while Rubin's fellow workers may be shocked by his over-the-top preferences, some say that "Howie" on Wall Street, as he was known, might be out of control in the office.

"I saw him throwing a chair on the floor of the trade," said one former colleague to The Post 'F—k,' he said. And he threw a chair on his computer. I just lost $50 million!" Then he returned and threw it, even harder, for a second time."

Howard Rubin was raised in Massachusetts, where his dad did analysis in Cambridge for Polaroid. He studied at Lafayette College and studied chemistry. He graduated. But after school, he saw a stint as a Vegas card counter in the corporate world. Rubin turned 4,000 dollars into 108,000 dollars over two years.

Then he obtained an MBA from Harvard, where he started work for the Salomon Brothers in 1983 and focused on Wall Street. As Michael Lewis noted at Liar's Poker, Rubin believes that "the Salomon Brothers trading floor felt like a casino in Las Vegas. In the center of a thousand distractions, you have made your bets, handled risk."

George Soros

He was known as a cashmaker — earning Salomon $78 million in his first two years.

Rubin married Mary Henry, a financial adviser, in 1985 when he made his bones at Salomon. Rubin seemed to climb Wall Street ladder like a traditional Manhattanite. The duo swan at the Pierre Hotel in 2013 is captured in a company photo.

A spring that worked on the Hamptons property of the couple – a blog praised the "monetlike effect of the garden" – never saw the presumed raw side of Rubin.

The source said the Post of Rubin and Mary, "They are great people." "For more than ten years, I knew them. You were always very honored."

In November 2017, Rubin's flying high life began to crash. Three florid women – Mia Lytell and Amy Moore, both Playboy and Stephanie Käldwell described as Playboy Playmates, were then alleged to be a model and dancer working at E11even 24/7 in Miami. That was when the first allegations were made against her.

Rubin is accused of charges including attack, battery and trafficking in human beings. "Simply put, each of them claimed that they have been brought to New York and used," said John Balestriere, the women's lawyer. "Claims [women] say that they have been abused physically and sexually."

The lawsuit claims that Rubin has a woman who is "drug addicted" and gives a hideous picture of what has happened between him and six S&M partners. (The proceedings were joined by four more. For unexplained reasons, Caldwell dropped out and a second woman, Julie Parker, launched a separate lawsuit for Rubin.)

These hired women allegedly wound up with red walls and a white carpet in the dungeon of Rubin. Sex toys were literate and "St. Andrews Cross" – an X-shaped device that contained submissives, a stretched eagle, wrists, ankles and tails – took the place of pride.

The initial prosecution said that although Lytell and Moore believed that Rubin was going to play "some light fetish games, perhaps taking photos, neither of them expected to be restricted or beaten in this way (bound by cord and tape).

The women have signed strict non‐publication agreements with fines amounting to at least $680,000 if violated, and acknowledgement that violent sex, with the risk of injury, is what they consented to and were paid for, according to the motion for a summary judgment, filed by the lawyer Edward McDonald, on behalf of Rubin.

It states that women had little time to review the agreements. The complaint claims. Balestriere said, "They had not had lawyers on call.

At least in a few instances, according to the proceedings, Rubin would simply become more violent when the women 'creamed or protested [during a session].'

The claim that Lytell was beaten on his head's back. Because "she was restricted" and "in and out of conscience," according to court documents, Lytell doesn't know if Rubin has been penetrating her with an object or if it was Rubin himself."

"Some of our customers don't say they can talk or leave," said Balestriere.

Balestriere said: 'Our clients alleged that they were wrong and lied to victims of physical and sexual violence,' and "noone said that they had a gun on their heads to New York."

The penthouse should no longer be rented by Rubin. "Some [sexual devices] are being stored and some are being cast out," a source said to The Post. "Howie has saved some of the things"—in a court document, vaginal clamps and electrical appliances that "RUBIN shocked [Amy] Moore repeatedly" were part of the items in the dungeon—"so he's not accused of dispose of evidence."

George Soros

In that case, Rubin refused the claims. Rubin's motion states that he wrote to Lytell that it understood exactly what it was in and it was going to hurt.

According to court papers, "Do you know what you are in for?" "The BDSM is total. Most girls love it and return for something else. But about everything, I just like to be up front."

Rubin rejects drug claims in the motion. The insider who was asking for anonymity, said "He didn't supply girls with drugs except painkillers during encounters [that have been painful]." "They were supplied by people other than Howie when they had [other] drugs."

Emma Hopper, a model student in Atlanta and who received payment for taking part in S&M sessions, has written about Rubin's associate as lawsuits are moved, according to Rubin's summary judgment motion. Hopper reposedly wrote, "Is all this stop Howie from seeing us?" She was "so concerned for everybody" and asked.

In a text from November 2017, Rubin's motion says that "if you need me to do something to help you show that we agreed to everything that's going on, I will." "If you need me," Rubin says.

Hopper requested Rubin to pay according to the motion to travel to Los Angeles and to pay for a car. He says he rejected it. On 20 February 2018, Hopper filed a lawsuit on him. According to a modified statement by Rubin's lawyer, one day Hopper "texted a photograph of herself by Rubin in an outfit of schoolgirls and exposed her breasts."

Balestriere said that "[Hupper] successfully resisted Mr. Rubin's attempt ... to cast out his case."

Balestriere added in the case against Rubin that "no woman came to New York because she knows that she is being abused physically and sexually. They didn't agree with what happened." " The main factor is that Mr. Rubin said that the physical and sexual abuse against the individuals was approved. Our six customers say that they have not agreed ..."

A former Capital Market Manager for Merrill Lynch Mortgage, where Rubin worked from 1985 to 1987, said that it wasn't the first time that the disgruntled financier showed his shady side – noting that while Rubin did an unauthorized trade at Merrill that caused a loss of $340 million that was widely publicized for the firm and led to his fire. (Then Bear Stearns hired him.)