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What went on with Tony Scott? Revisiting The Controversial Death of Tony Scott

Back in 2012, Tony Scott, one of the most acclaimed action directors in Hollywood, died of suicide. Continue reading to learn more about what happened to Tony Scott.

After the Top Gun director died of suicide by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California, August 2012 was a dark month for the Hollywood industry. As many debunked it by claiming it was set up, his suicide case was no less than a controversy. Here's what you need to learn about the heavily contested case.

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What happened to Scott's Tony? Why was Tony Scott dying?

While there was ample evidence to prove that he jumped off the bridge, it seemed especially suspicious of the notes made by him that were discovered much later during the investigation. He had obviously made and maintained several reports for the police to locate in multiple places.

A list of names, phone numbers and directions for officials investigating his death was read in the note that was left in his car parked near the bridge. This was considered by many to be his most out-of-character gesture. An reason for him taking his own life was discovered in one of the several notes that were found in his Los Angeles office. In public, the note was never revealed.

The case was officially ruled as a suicide after two months of investigation, after surveillance video from a nearby business captured and confirmed the leap. Some witnesses were also present, who thought at first that it was an extreme sports stunt.

Although one said before jumping that he did not hesitate, the other said that he appeared clearly anxious. The Los Angeles County Coroner's office reported the cause of death as "multiple blunt force injuries." in October 2012.

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The case further revealed that at the time of death, therapeutic amounts of sleep aids and antidepressants were present in his system.

As for the cause behind his passing, two years later, Tony's brother Ridley Scott announced to Variety that he was battling a long battle with cancer and that the family had mutually agreed to keep the diagnosis secret.

The disclosure clearly contradicted the official statement of the coroner, who said that there were no significant underlying medical problems found in his body.

The director of The Days of Thunder had received a great deal of respect and appreciation over the years, and on many occasions several actors who had the opportunity to work with him paid tribute to him. The fourth season of The Good Wife was devoted to his memory, along with the first episode of Coma.