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HGTV home town in memory of john combe, did combs have family

john combe
john combe

TV show Home Town recently talked about John Combe, a client who made an impression on the show.

Erin and Ben Napier took it upon themselves to completely change their home in Laurel, Mississippi. He owned a house there, which they did.

The house is called The Combe House, and it was renovated in early 2020. Now, fans are wondering what happened to him, and they don't know where he is.

So, who was John Combe? Because it was shown on HGTV's Home Town.

In this episode of Home Town, Ben and Erin work with a homebuyer who sets no limits on the creativity - or budgeting - behind his new home.
John Combe was a person.

A retired veteran named John, 70, went on Home Town to find a small, cozy, and peaceful summer home.

His family moved around the world as he grew up. He lived in Belize for the last 10 years of his life.

The HGTV star had no money when he hired Erin and Ben to help him with his home. He wanted to make the place his own and be able to host guests.

In the historic district, he found a ranch-style home that was just right for his slow-paced way of life.

john combe
john combe
John Combe was die.

On April 4, 2020, John died of natural causes, according to a group called "Home Town." He died in a hospital in the Mississippi city of Hattiesburg.

A lot of people who saw the show sent their condolences, and some said that he seemed excited to live there.

One said: "He was so fun to watch, and it was fun to see how you looked when the price didn't matter." He should have spent time in that house.

Another person said: "I'm so sorry. He was so alive on the show. Laurel lost a very interesting person.

There may never be an answer to why he died. As soon as we learn more, it will make headlines for everyone who wants to read them.

john combe
john combe house

The Combe House is for sale.

Kathi Jones, John's best friend and executrix of his estate, says that John's house will be on the market in June 2021. This is when Kathi says the house will be sold.

She said that there are a lot of questions about John's house in Laurel and whether or not it is or will be for sale.

A lot of things haven't worked out the way Kathi thought they would, so she will put it up for sale. "I would like to find someone who will love it as much as John did and understand that his legacy will live on through the unique style he and HGTV made."

Kathi: "His home in Belize is now in the hands of someone who loves him, and he and John's memory are being kept alive."

It should be on the market in the first week of July [2021] if everything goes well.

Because this is a common question, most of the furniture will be removed from the home when it is sold. This way, it will still have the Home Town look that John liked. Yes, and even the pool table will stay.

It's been a while since some of the homes in Home Town have been put on the market.

The Kollar Home, which is owned by Rebecca and Matt Kollar, has been put on the market for $221,900. This is a 1960s-style home in Laurel, Mississippi.

There is a cottage for sale for $185,000. Mackenzie and Jim Hurt, who were married, had it restored.


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