Google Apologizes for Gemini ai, images GAB woke racist


Google Apologizes for Gemini ai, images GAB woke racist

Yo, so Google’s like, “Oops, our bad!” about the whole historical image thing with their Gemini AI tool. 

They straight up admitting they messed up, saying they were trying to be inclusive and stuff but ended up way off target. They catching heat 'cause folks noticed they were showing white historical figures as people of color, like the Founding Fathers and Nazi soldiers, and it's got people all riled up, especially those on the right who already ain't feeling Google's vibe.

In their statement, Google's like, “Yeah, Gemini's trippin' with some of these historical images, but we're hustlin' to fix it quick. We want our AI to rep a diverse crowd, but it ain't quite hitting the mark right now.” They dropped this statement on X, tryna smooth things over, 'cause the drama's been hitting the fan on social media lately.

So, Google just rolled out this Gemini AI platform, trying to keep up with OpenAI and them, offering image generation, but now they're getting roasted for not being historically accurate. Some ex-Google employee even posted on X saying it's like pulling teeth to get Gemini to recognize white people exist, sharing examples of searches for white women that turned up mostly non-white results. Then the right-wingers grabbed onto that, accusing Google of some shady agenda, even dropping antisemitic hints.

Google Apologizes for Gemini ai, images GAB woke racist

Google ain't naming names or pointing fingers at specific messed-up images, but they're doubling down on their X statement when talking to The Verge. Seems like Gemini's trying to shake things up by boosting diversity, 'cause AI in general's been struggling with that. You know, like how searches for “a productive person” only bring up white dudes, but “a person at social services” gives you mostly people of color.

Some folks are like, “Yo, diversity is dope, but Gemini's doing it all wrong.” They're pointing out how showing racially diverse German soldiers from the '40s is cool and all, but it ain't cool when it's not done right. And sure, it makes sense for searches like “a 1943 German soldier” to be mostly white, but for “an American woman,” they gotta mix it up to reflect real life.

Seems like Gemini's straight-up refusing some searches now, like not showing Vikings or Nazi soldiers. But even when it does show results, it's still off base sometimes. Like, someone managed to get Gemini to give a wonky version of the “German soldier” search, and it was still jacked up. And don't get me started on how it's erasing history with those mixed-up results for “the Founding Fathers” and “US senators from the 1800s.” Like, c'mon Google, get your act together!