Evelyn on howard stern show guest today, woman with two vaginas


Evelyn on howard stern show guest today, woman with two vaginas

In this video, Ronnie Mund plays the song "What's My Sexy Secret?" People from Down Under called in.

I think that's fucking awesome! Howard's longtime limo driver is amazed when he learns Evelyn's secret.

It was Ronnie "the Limo Driver" who took the people to the party. A beautiful woman from Australia, Evelyn, called Mund on Monday morning and asked him, "What's My Sexy Secret?" Mund was in top form.

In this case, "Ronnie's goal is to figure out, like a detective, what the secret is by asking yes or no questions," Howard said. He is like a bloodhound when it comes to women. To play: "I can't think of anyone else."

Evelyn has a lot of tattoos. "Were you born a woman?" Ronnie asked Evelyn before he asked her the first question.

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She said: "Yes, I was born a woman." : "That isn't my sexy thing."

Ronnie quickly figured out that the caller's "sexy secret" was about her genital area, but his follow-up questions about everything from tattoos to testicles were off the mark. During the show, Howard and Robin Quivers wondered if the show's "sex expert" could handle it.

In a joking way, Howard said, "Ronnie, let me remind you that we're only here for seven hours." If you say yes, I want to know if you can stay here all week.

How did Ronnie feel after asking more questions that didn't lead to any answers? "It can be really hard, man," he said.

"Can we ask him a question?" This is getting too long. Robin said something.

There must be something weird going on, but I can't put my finger on it. "I can't figure it out." How many questions can I ask?

Robin, on the other hand, was happy to help. 'Do you have the same anatomy as every other woman?' the woman asked.

'No,' Evelyn replied.

Another guess: "Do you have more than one vagina?"

Then Evelyn agreed with what she had said. "You have it."

"That's the answer." Evelyn has two vaginas, so she has a lot of them. Howard said that.

Ronnie was surprised. This is how it looked like. He asked, "How the fuck did that happen?" "In all my years of watching crazy shit, porn, and other weird things, I haven't seen that before."

But Robin wasn't surprised by the news at all. When she laughed, she said, "I knew three questions in."

"You're fucking great." In the end, I lost. Ronnie said that he made it to the area, but he didn't close the deal. He turned his attention back to the caller and her strange medical condition.

Evelyn has a condition called uterine didelphys, which affects about one in every 2,000 women and is often not found until it's too late. He asked her about it. She told him that she was diagnosed at the age of 20 and that she has a left and a right vagina, two separate (but still together) periods, and that she often has sexual pleasure in both vaginas at the same time.

This is what she said: "For some reason I've always been better at having orgasms from the right side, but it's a lot more complicated than that." "I kind of have to judge a guy and pick a side."

I think that's fucking awesome! Ronnie was amazed. This one needs an oil change today, but the other one still works, so come in.

"Ronnie is behaving like a caveman who just found fire," says the teacher. He is so excited, Howard said. Then, he thanked Evelyn for coming in, playing "What's My Sexy Secret?" and telling her story to the people who heard it. "Tomorrow, we have a man with nine penises," he said with a smile.