Dominic Miller, who was the shooter in kansas city parade


Dominic Miller, who was the shooter in kansas city parade

Two dudes are facing some heavy charges for that shoot-out at Union Station during last week's Chiefs rally in KC, according to docs from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. 

One of 'em, Dominic Miller, reppin' Kansas City and only 18, got hit with four charges linked to the whole ordeal. Him and his partner in crime, Lyndell Mays from Raytown, 23, are still locked up.

And yo, there's also a couple of minors nabbed in connection to the shoot-out, dealing with firearms and resisting arrest charges. 'Cause they're minors, the deets on their cases ain't out there, including their names.

Now, about Miller's part in this mess? Word is, according to the affidavit that dropped with his charges, homeboy's caught on camera popping off shots with a piece during some beef between crews. Cops think the slug that took out Lisa Lopez-Galvan came from Miller's heater. Oh, and he caught a bullet himself, got hit in the back, and had to hit up University Hospital for patching.

So, what's the deal with Miller's charges? Here's the lowdown from Jackson County Circuit Court:

  1. Second-Degree Felony Murder: This is the big one, bro. Miller's looking at 10 to 30 in the joint for this. It's when you off someone while tryna do some other dirt or skrrt away after pulling some felonious stuff. Lisa Lopez-Galvan got caught in the crossfire, and that's why this charge is on Miller's back.
  2. Armed Criminal Action: This means Miller allegedly pulled his heat while doing the deed. Time served depends on Miller's rap sheet and whether he was packing legally.
  3. Unlawful Use of a Weapon: Miller's getting called out for popping off in a way that's straight-up illegal by Missouri's book. Shooting into a crowd ain't kosher, my dude. Class B felony, 5 to 15 in the clink.
  4. Armed Criminal Action (again): Just another reminder that Miller allegedly brought heat to the party. Similar deal to charge 2.

All said and done, if Miller catches the max for all these charges, he's staring down 75 years. But hey, ain't no judgment yet. This is just what's on paper, ya feel?