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Danica Mckellar the wrong woman ending explained plot honour movie 2013

Danica Mckellar the wrong woman ending explained plot honour movie 2013

Ellen Plainview (Danica McKellar, Search for Justice), a dental assistant and mother of one, has been taking pole dancing lessons in secret because her marriage to Mike (Carter MacIntyre), a cop, has become a bit stale, especially since he works odd hours. But the secret lessons cause trouble when two detectives knock on her door and take her in for questioning because there was an attempted murder in the parking lot where she parked her car and she is now the main suspect. Ellen is scared and confused when she gets thrown in jail and no one comes to get her out. Mike was having an affair with the victim behind Ellen's back, but she doesn't know that. She also doesn't know that he has now left with their daughter and turned her against her mother, so Ellen has to be tough and get herself out of the mess she's in.

First of all, there are a lot of reviews out there that compare "The Wrong Woman" to Alfred Hitchcock's "The Wrong Man." All I can say is that Hitchcock must be turning in his grave. This is a terrible thriller that doesn't even come close to Hitchcock's movie. I had to get that off my chest because not only is it disrespectful to Hitchcock, but it also gives people who don't know what modern made-for-TV thrillers are like false hopes.

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So what do we get in "The Wrong Woman"? Unfortunately, we get a story that is obvious and made even more obvious by the fact that it doesn't try to hide anything. As a result, we can guess early on that Mike is not the innocent husband we would like him to be. We can also guess that an encounter with a traffic cop will turn out to be important. Basically, anything important in "The Wrong Woman" is over-emphasized, so it's like being hit over the head with a big bag of clues. I guess a casual movie fan who knows Danica McKellar from "The Wonder Years" might find this movie entertaining, but "The Wrong Woman" will be hard work for serious movie fans.

That brings us to Danica McKellar's character, Ellen. If she were blonde, I might have said that Ellen starts the movie as a dumb blonde, a happy housewife who smiles too much and is annoying. Now, there's a reason for this: almost every man in this movie is a sexist, condescending pig. This is because "The Wrong Woman" isn't just about Ellen proving her innocence; it's also about how she goes from being too nice and bubbly to a strong woman who is in charge of her own life.

All of this comes down to the fact that I'm sure "The Wrong Woman" has fans, but I'm not one of them. Oh, it's fine. It's about as good as many modern made-for-TV movies, but it's not even close to Hitchcock. Anyone who watches it because someone said it was a remake of "The Wrong Man" by Hitchcock will be disappointed.


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