Burnsville mn Officers Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand and Adam Finseth gunned down


Burnsville mn Officers Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand and Adam Finseth gunned down

Two cops and a paramedic got smoked during a long standoff with some dude who locked himself up with his fam in his crib, according to the word on the street.

So, these officers, Matthew Ruge, age 27, and Paul Elmstrand, also 27, plus this 40-year-old paramedic and firefighter Adam Finseth, got blasted while trying to save this family from a messed-up situation going down in a quiet Burnsville hood, about 15 miles from Minneapolis, early Sunday morning. That's what the investigators dropped during their press conference.

The shooter, who we don't even know the name of yet, bit the dust right there at the scene, likely from popping himself, though it's not official yet.

Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand

One more cop got banged up but he's gonna pull through, thank goodness, the cops said.

So, the fuzz had got called in 'cause of some domestic beef going down with this guy holed up with his lady and seven kids, ages 2 to 15, around 1:50 in the AM. Somebody from inside the crib made the call.

Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand

When the cops rolled up, they found out this dude was packing heat, multiple guns, and he was giving them the cold shoulder, refusing to come out, as per the Star Tribune.

After four hours of trying to talk sense into him, bullets started flying, and two cops took the hit, one of them getting tagged while inside the house.

Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand

When Finseth tried to swoop in for the rescue, he got lit up too.

About an hour later, another shot rang out from inside, and turns out the suspect ended his own life, according to reports.

Dispatchers were saying around 6:55 AM, "We got a caller from inside saying the dad is out, not breathing, in the bedroom... He just popped himself in the head."

They confirmed he was dead around 8 AM.

Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand

Luckily, they got the family out safe and sound, and then the cops started combing through the place.

"This guy had a whole arsenal and was busting caps at the cops from different spots in the crib," said Drew Evans, the big cheese at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

He mentioned the shooter was spraying bullets from all over the joint, from upstairs to downstairs.

Evans also mentioned there weren't many calls from this spot before all this went down, but they're still digging into it.

Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand

All day Sunday, there were mad cops outside Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis where they took the bodies of the victims.

Gov. Tim Walz said in a statement, "We gotta remember the bravery and sacrifices our first responders make every day."

He added, "Today, the families of these heroes got that call they hoped they'd never get. My heart goes out to them - Minnesota's got their backs. It's a sad day for the state."

He also ordered flags to fly at half-mast on Monday.

Elmstrand was with the Burnsville PD since 2017, Ruge since 2020, and Finseth been holding it down since 2019.