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Brian Kranz, racist gym owner red fitness Irvine ca, going after asian woman

A video of a racial tirade by a gym owner has caused outrage.

After being caught on camera launching a racial tirade against a woman, a man's company is now in trouble.

YamaBread CreamPan, a YouTube user, posted cellphone footage of the incident, which occurred in a parking lot in Southern California, over the weekend. A man sits in the driver's seat of a car, verbally attacking the woman behind the camera, in the video.

"Why don't you stay at home?" the man says through his windshield, smiling at a female passenger. "Are you that illiterate? Do you want to take a snapshot of me?"

At that point, the man exits his vehicle and approaches the woman, who then returns to her vehicle.

"Yes, exactly! Stupid g**k, get in your car! Return to your goddamn (inaudible), "Before getting back into the driver's seat, he yells. "Is it true so you're that naive? You're well aware that recording has no impact. Stay at home, and thank you for giving COVID to my country. Have a nice day."

Brian Kranz, racist gym owner red fitness Irvine ca
Brian Kranz, racist gym owner red fitness Irvine ca

After that, the man is seen driving away.

The attack's video was originally posted on Nextdoor, but it was allegedly taken down without clarification. The woman who posted the video said she told Nextdoor to find out why it was taken down.

"This is unfortunate because everyone's comment in that post made me feel so inspired," she wrote on YouTube, where she also posted the video. "It will also inspire those who have had similar experiences to share their stories, sending a clear message that bigotry has no place in society. I contacted the Nextdoor support team to find out why they did what they did. After refusing to practice social distancing, this racist guy ambushed me in the parking lot, shouting ethnic slurs and trying to hit me in the face."

Social media users quickly named the man in the video as Brian Kranz, a personal trainer who owns Red Fitness in Irvine, California.

The gym's website has been decommissioned, with all links leading to a 404 error page. In addition, VoyageLA magazine's 2018 profile on Kranz has been removed, and Yelp has limited activity on Red Fitness' review page.

"We have temporarily disabled the ability to post here as we continue to investigate the material," Yelp wrote in an alert. "This company recently gained increased media attention, resulting in an influx of people posting their views to this page," Yelp wrote in an alert. "While racism has no position on Yelp, and we unequivocally condemn racism in any form," says the company, "all Yelp reviews must represent an actual first-hand customer experience (even if that means removing the opportunity for users to express points of view we may agree with)."

This racist man ambushed me in the parking lot, chanting racial slurs and threatening to punch me in the face after he refused to practice social distancing

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