Ball Taser guy Kevin Greeson autopsy, Trump Supporter Died at U.S. Capitol

Heart attack, stroke and trampling were suffered by three Trump fanatics who died at the Capitol

During the Capitol protests, Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips and Roseanne Boyland died for 'medical reasons,' while fellow Trump fanatic Ashli Babbit was shot dead by officers.

The three Donald Trump fanatics who died during the Capitol riots for "medical reasons" succumbed to a heart attack, a stroke and being trampled.

In protest against Congress formally nominating Joe Biden as his replacement, hundreds of supporters of the President descended on the Washington government building on Wednesday afternoon.

They smashed their way through police barricades and for hours occupied the historical complex, marauding through corridors into the chamber of the Senate and raiding offices.

Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, 35, among other rioters, was shot dead by police after allegedly failing to answer calls to withdraw after gaining entry to an entrance.

Three other protesters were later announced to have died, although the Capitol Police have since denied rumors that an officer was killed.

Kevin Greeson
Kevin Greeson

The 55-year-family old's reported that Kevin Greeson of Alabama had high blood pressure and suffered a heart attack "in the midst of the excitement"

The Facebook profile of the father includes numerous pictures of him posing with two AR-15 rifles and he allegedly posted on the Parler website frequently urging violence against Democratic supporters.

The American microblogging and social networking site was introduced in August 2018, and Trump supporters, libertarians, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists have a strong user base.

Mr Greeson's recent comments include: "Let's take back this f***** g country! Load your guns and take to the streets of s. Load your guns and take to the streets of s."

Let's give them a war to fight... Democrats have no weapons... We're doing... Bring your stick, and I will bring my weapons.

"We all loved him so much."We all loved him so much.

He was such a terrific guy that we all miss you very much. In your thoughts and prayers, please keep our family," he wrote on Facebook.

Mr Greeson's family said in a separate statement that he was non-violent and had joined the rally to demonstrate his support for the President.

Kevin had a history of high blood pressure and suffered a heart attack in the midst of the excitement,"Kevin had a history of high blood pressure, and in the midst of the excitement, suffered a heart attack,"

Computer programmer Benjamin Phillips, who created the Trumparoo website to communicate with the President's supporters, arranged transport for thousands of Pennsylvania protesters.

The 50-year-old died on the Capitol grounds from a stroke.

"He described Wednesday as "the first day of the rest of our lives," the Inquirer wrote.

"They should name this year Zero because something will happen," friends say he said before the riot.

Finally, her family said that Roseanne Boyland was possibly "trampled in the Rotunda" referring to the area below the central dome of the Capitol complex.


The Georgian 34-year-old was among the violent crowd who attacked the building before crushing it underfoot.

After collapsing, she was given CPR by the Capitol Police at 5 pm, before being pronounced dead in the hospital about an hour later.

Her family told the Daily Mail that she was initially reluctant to attend the demonstration and intended to stay on the outskirts, but was motivated by Trump's speech at a rally earlier in the day.

They told the newspaper, "She just really believed in Trump and that's it,"

"Somebody said that she had been trampled, others said that she had collapsed... The relative said, "We are still trying to figure it out."

Brother-in-law Justin Cave of Ms Boyland said Trump "incited a riot that cost four of his biggest fans their lives" adding that the 25th Amendment should be invoked.

As a result of the riot, the President has yet to specifically discuss any of the casualties.

After his posts during the chaos were perceived to be inciting violence, he was briefly barred from Twitter and Facebook.

He then tweeted a video on Thursday evening in which he denounced those involved and told them they would be punished.

He said, "The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy,"

You should not represent our country to those who participate in acts of violence and destruction. And to those who have violated the law: you are going to pay.

As guns were drawn and Trump flags were hung during Wednesday's siege of the U.S. Capitol by a violent mob of the president's supporters, a woman was shot and killed and three others, including a Pennsylvania man, died from apparent medical emergencies.