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Giuliani on Defensive After a big fuss over a claim of assault.

Rudy Giuliani said that a worker attacked him at a Staten Island supermarket two days ago. On Tuesday morning, the once-famous former mayor spent his time like many men his age do: he complained about his aches and pains.

"My shoulder hurts like hell and I have a big lump on my back," he said, smiling oddly as he spoke to reporters and supporters in a Facebook broadcast from an unknown location. "And I don't complain."

Even though a video quickly showed that the supermarket worker had only tapped Mr. Giuliani on the back, and despite a Staten Island prosecutor's decision to lower the charges against the man from a felony to misdemeanors, Mr. Giuliani stuck to his story: he was attacked, the city has gone bad, and only his son, a candidate for governor with little relevant experience, can make New Yorkers safe again.

Rudy Giuliani, who used to be mayor of New York City, campaigned in Manhattan earlier this month with his son, Andrew Giuliani, who is running for governor.
Rudy Giuliani, who used to be mayor of New York City, campaigned in Manhattan earlier this month with his son, Andrew Giuliani, who is running for governor.

It seemed like little or none of this was true.

Rudy Giuliani's strange political life after he left office is one of the most talked-about topics in American politics: The man who was once called "America's mayor" and led the country's biggest city through its worst terrorist attack has since tried to change the results of a presidential election, been caught splayed out on a bed and adjusting his pants in a satirical documentary, and on Sunday got a supermarket worker arrested after he said he had been attacked and almost knocked down.

"The question is, how low can you go?" asked Ken Frydman, a public relations expert who worked as Mr. Giuliani's spokesman during his 1993 campaign for mayor. "I don't know if Rudy has hit rock bottom yet."

The problem with Mr. Giuliani's claim was clear right away. The New York Post was the first to get video of Daniel Gill patting Mr. Giuliani on the back. This seriously hurt Mr. Giuliani's claim that he was almost knocked down and hurt the credibility of his son, Andrew Giuliani, who had repeated his father's claim on the campaign trail.

The charges against Mr. Gill were changed from a felony called second-degree assault to third-degree assault, second-degree harassment, and third-degree menacing. His lawyers say that Mr. Gill was held by the police for more than 24 hours.

When his mother's phone number was used to call him on Tuesday, Mr. Gill refused to say anything, saying that those lawyers told him not to. But he said he might have something else to say soon.

In the meantime, he has a lot of people who support him.

Hermann Walz, who used to be a prosecutor in New York City and is now a part-time professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said, "There's no crime there."

Mr. Walz said that for a fight to be considered "assault in the third degree," which was the main charge that the district attorney of Staten Island filed, there must be both a plan to hurt someone and a real injury.

Mr. Walz said, "I could punch you in the face, and that wouldn't be hurting you physically in New York unless I broke your nose or something."

He also said that Mr. Gill's actions could be seen as harassment, but he was not sure about that.

"This is New York. If calling someone a "scumbag" is a crime, we're all going to jail soon," Mr. Walz said, referring to the insult Mr. Gill is said to have made to Mr. Giuilani.

Tuesday, Mr. Giuliani stuck to his story in a text message from an aide.

"You might have seen the force on the video if it was sideways," he said. "I moved forward a few steps. I now have a bump on the top of my left shoulder blade, and my left arm hurts."

City officials said that the police department's first suggestion of felony assault charges was based on Mr. Giuliani's complaint and the difference in age between Mr. Gill, 39, and Mr. Giuliani, 78.

Eric Adams, the current mayor of New York City, said on Tuesday that prosecutors should now focus on Rudy Giuliani for making up a crime.

During a meeting with the press in Harlem, Mr. Adams said, "I think the district attorney is looking into the wrong person." "It's wrong to lie about a crime. If that video hadn't been there, this person would have been charged with punching the former mayor."

Mr. Adams said that he was talking to Keechant Sewell, the police commissioner, about whether or not Mr. Giuliani's actions were illegal. Michael McMahon, the district attorney for Staten Island, wouldn't say anything, according to a spokesman for him.

Because of a turn of events, Mr. Adams found himself on the same side as the Legal Aid Society, which is a group of public defenders with whom the mayor sometimes fights.

"We agree with Mayor Adams, who was a police officer for over 20 years, that this was just a pat on the back," said Redmond Haskins, a spokesman for the group that is representing Mr. Gill.

The event was notable because it happened at a supermarket on the South Shore of Staten Island. This area is known for being conservative.

Joseph Borelli, a local councilman who was an honorary state chairman for Trump's campaign, called the area "a mostly white, conservative neighborhood where most people work for the city or own small businesses."

Notably, he didn't directly respond to Mr. Giuliani's claims.

Mr. Borelli said, "If a crime was done, the district attorney will handle it."

Since Mr. Giuliani made his claims two days ago, the former mayor has gone live on Facebook several times. On Tuesday morning, at one of these events, Mr. Giuliani called Mr. Adams a "idiot."

"What if the video wasn't there?" Tuesday, Mr. Adams asked. "This person would have been charged with a serious crime, even though all he did was pat the guy on the back. You can't use scandal to get what you want, and you can't use the police to get what you want.


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