Alex Palou Girlfriend Esther Valle, 2022 dating relationship Instagram


Alex Palou Girlfriend Esther Valle, 2022 dating relationship Instagram

On Instagram, Alex Palou and his girlfriend Esther Valle look super cute. They've been dating for more than a year.

Alex Palou loves his girlfriend, Esther Valle, very much. He is a race car driver from Spain who drives for Chip Ganassi Racing in the IndyCar Series. In 2021, he won the championship in that series.

Palou, born in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, began karting in 2003. In 2012, he won the WSK Euro Series championship, which was his best karting achievement.

He is the first Spaniard to do well in the GP3 Series and the first Spaniard to win a National Championship in American open-wheel racing.

 Alex Palou Girlfriend Esther Valle

Who is Alex Palou's girl, Esther Valle?

Ester Valle is the girl that lex Palou loves very much. Ester is a very private person who doesn't like to talk about her private life. Her Instagram account, @ester valle, is set to private, but it is still possible to find her there.

Palou's Spanish girlfriend says she is 11 years younger than him, and they've been together since he was 17. When her friends were surprised by how old her new boyfriend was, Esther Valle told them that Palou was wise beyond his years.

While on vacation in Girona, Spain, the coffee lovers saw a lack of cool cafes. Since then, they have owned and run "Coffee & Greens" together.

Valle has been running it while Palou has been racing, but Palou's racing career has taken off this year, so she packed up all of their things in Spain and moved them to Indiana full-time during IndyCar's summer break.

 Alex Palou Girlfriend Esther Valle

Alex Palou's love life and relationships

Alex Palou might have been with other people before he started dating Ester Valle, but he hasn't said anything about that. But since he's been with Ester since he was 17, he might not have had any other relationships besides crushes before that.

Palou is 25 years old and in his second year of IndyCar racing. He handles himself with the calm and professionalism of a pro who has been racing for a long time. He is their happy younger brother who is happy to be on the same team as Scott Dixon, Marcus Ericsson, Jimmie Johnson, and Tony Kanaan.

 Alex Palou Girlfriend Esther Valle

Learn about the family of Alex Palou

Lex has kept quiet about who his parents are for a long time. Palou was born in Spain to young parents. His father, Ramon, is only 45 years old, which is a year younger than teammates Johnson and Kanaan, who are both 46. He also has a sister who is younger than him.

Palou's family is very loving and helpful. When Palou and his father are both dressed casually, Palou's father, who wears a hoodie, could be mistaken for an older brother.

He is close to his parents, though, and often posts pictures of them on social media. He has an Instagram account with the name @alexpalou, which has been checked and is real. As of this writing, he has 47,100 followers and 967 posts.