Yvonne Wu nypd police officer, ny Brooklyn bensonhurst nyc cop shooting

A New York City police officer has been charged in the deadly shooting of his ex-new girlfriend's love.

An infatuated off-duty New York Police Department officer who waited for her former girlfriend before going on a murderous shooting spree was ordered kept without bail Monday for a mental examination to determine whether she understands the murder and assault allegations against her.

Yvonne Wu, 31, of Staten Island, appeared in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges of murder in connection with the Wednesday slaying of Jamie Liang, 24, and attempted murder in connection with the attempted murder of ex-girlfriend Jenny Li, 23.

Judge Joshua Glick allowed Wu's lawyer's request for an assessment to ascertain the officer's capacity to comprehend the charges against her and aid in her defense. Wu was remanded in custody without bail pending her next court appearance on Nov. 19.

When Li and Liang returned home Wednesday evening, the envious Wu was waiting for Li at the home they had shared in Bensonhurst. Wu then opened fire, officials charged, repeatedly shooting Liang in the chest and firing one bullet at Li, also in the chest.

According to Daily News sources, the operator could hear someone in the background stating, "That's what you get" on a disturbing 911 audio. Wu then left the residence and waited for officers to apprehend her.

According to Liang's pals, Wu had previously gotten into a dispute with the two women at least once in the weeks preceding the slaughter.

However, according to the buddy, Li did not report Wu to the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau.

Yvonne Wu nypd police officer, ny Brooklyn bensonhurst nyc cop shooting
Yvonne Wu nypd police officer