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Yevgenia Leontyeva fell to her death on rope free flying extreme sport

In extreme jumping horror, a mother-of-three unintentionally leaps 25 meters to her death.

A mother-of-three died when an extreme sport jump involving 'rope free-flying' went horrifically wrong.

The moment Yevgenia Leontyeva quietly stepped over the edge of a hotel rooftop in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, was captured on harrowing video.

Moments before, a man is seen adjusting the 33-year-harness old's straps while another man says "I love you" off-camera.

Before Leontyeva steps over the cliff and leaps, there is a countdown.

However, reports indicate that the cross-line to which her rope was linked – and which was supposed to break her fall and leave her hung above the earth – failed to hold or was not even secured.

Leontyeva collided with the ground and was dragged approximately 3.5 metres before colliding with a wall.

Yevgenia Leontyeva fell to her death on rope free flying extreme sport
Yevgenia Leontyeva died in a fall.
She fell 25 meters and sustained serious injuries.

Onlookers on the roof could be heard shouting, while passersby below came to offer aid following her fall.

A female companion who was also scheduled to jump following Yevgenia was overheard screaming when the leap failed.

Yevgenia, an experienced jumper who loved adventure, was brought to the hospital and had surgery for major brain injuries, but died shortly thereafter.

According to witnesses, the leap was approved before an organizer had time to attach the line to a tree.

According to reports, a man was seen tumbling to the ground when Yevgenia collided.

Prior to her jump, a man was spotted adjusting the 33-year-harness old's straps.
Prior to her jump, a man was spotted adjusting the 33-year-harness old's straps.

He was believed to be holding the safety line that should have been fastened to the tree when he was knocked unconscious by the force of her fall pulling on the unattached rope.

Yevgenia and her friend had already posted "Live it up" and "We're going to fly" prior to the deadly leap.

The woman has three boys under the age of 14, two of her own and the son of a deceased relative.

Numerous residents had been practicing for extreme jumps on Sunday.

"The patient underwent surgery," a spokeswoman for the local health department stated.

"A craniotomy and excision of the haematoma were undertaken.

As she hit the ground, onlookers screamed.
As she hit the ground, onlookers screamed.

"Despite the patient's continued medical care, he died."

A criminal inquiry into her death has been launched amid suspicions of "negligence" on the part of jump organizers.

The maximum possible penalty is a 40-day jail sentence.

Rope free-flying or stomach-churning rope leaping is an extreme sport that originated in the United States in the 1990s.

It's comparable to bungee jumping, except the rope is nylon, which prevents jumpers from bouncing.

It is performed on cliffs and tall buildings and has been compared to a cross between bungee jumping and abseiling, complete with terrifying rope swings.


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