Yakima valley mall shooting kndo kima herald news, related gang

Union Gap police are conducting an investigation after a fatal shooting outside Valley Mall.

Union Gap police are investigating a gunshot that occurred outside the Valley Mall and resulted in the death of one bystander.

Union Gap Police say in a recent statement that they believe the shooting occurred as a result of an earlier fight between two groups of competing gang members.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, officers say two groups of people got into an altercation outside the mall's main entrance, and then perhaps more than ten rounds were fired.

Yakima valley mall shooting kndo kima herald news, related gang

Officers arrived to discover an adult guy who had been shot outside the southwest entrance. Attempts at lifesaving were made, however the person was pronounced dead at the site.

Chief Cobb states that medics responded to assist the individual who was shot, stating that he appears to have been uninvolved in the altercation.

The victim was not a member of a gang and was not a party to the previous conflict.

According to authorities, many cars were also struck in the parking lot.

No one has been apprehended thus far.

According to police, there were multiple bystanders in the neighborhood at the time of the incident.

Anyone who witnesses or has information about the event is urged to contact the Union Gap Police Department at (509) 248-0430 and request to speak with a detective.