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Woolworths suspends meat covid tiktok video, impolite Karens

Woolworths suspends meat covid tiktok video, impolite Karens
During service to "rude" customers, the worker made up stories about adding extra weight to the scales.
A Woolies employee's joke about getting back at "rude" customers goes viral.

A Woolworths employee has caused a stir after joking about how cashiers can get back at "rude" customers in a "sneaky" way.

The Woolies employee, who is thought to be from Perth, posted a TikTok video of himself pressing down on the produce scales at the check out.

It said: "POV: Putting my hand on the scale to add extra weight to rude customers' fruit and vegetables."

The "Karens" who aren't very polite could end up paying more for their fresh food.

Employee: "This is a joke because it's against the law."

Woolworths says it's "investigating" the TikTok, and a rep says the store is looking into what happened.

Other retail workers said they had done the same thing to rude "Karens."
Other retail workers said they had done the same thing to rude "Karens."

But even though the TikTok user may not have meant for his video to be taken seriously, many retail employees have said that they have done the same thing in the past.

"Everyone on service does this," said one. "It's how we get back at Karens without having to lose our jobs."

"I used to do this so much."

Another: "Don't tell them about us."

Another: "Putting my water bottle on the scales."

A second person wrote: "I did this once because this lady almost made me cry."

But other workers say that they do the same thing for people who are "nice."

I try to make it easier for people who are nice. "I'll try to put the bag in a way that not all of them are weighed, or I hold the bag up while I weigh it (it's easier if it's not bagged)."

I don't scan things if they're good.

I added another: "I'd do the opposite for nice customers lol."

Woolworths says: "We'll get back to you soon."

Woolworths said they were "concerned" about the video.

In our Code of Conduct, we make clear rules for our employees. "We're worried to see this, and we'll be looking into the background of this video." says that Woolworths doesn't know about the TikTok post that talked about the actions of workers at a store.

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