Why is Trisha Paytas Trending famous on twitter toilet paper photo butt breadcrumbs

Trisha Paytas and Perez made the wildest video we've ever posted! That'll certainly be demonetized! You shouldn't watch baby! You MUST see, though! We look at some OnlyFans pages, and Perez sees the notorious YouTuber MUCH!

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Why is Trisha Paytas Trending famous on twitter toilet paper photo butt breadcrumbs
You could find a toilet paper picture of Trisha Paytas — here's why

YouTube star, OnlyFans content maker, and Trisha Paytas is no stranger to embroiling herself into controversy, but her new stunt may be the craziest yet. On Oct. 5, the Dish with Trish host started trending on Twitter as she leaked a naked picture involving toilet paper stuck to her backside.

While Trisha always bars it for her fans, she does it for a premium on her OnlyFans account. What about the Trisha Paytas toilet paper photo?

The Trisha Paytas paper incident began with a Twitter photo.

On Oct. 5, you might have found that the name of Trisha Paytas was a trend. On Sept. 29, she posted two explicit nude images on Twitter, much to the disappointment of several users who unknowingly clicked on her name to see the pattern.

It's not rare for Trisha to post images without clothes as she does so on her OnlyFans page (which allows users to post explicit content, sometimes at a price). This particular picture got a lot of attention because she had relics of toilet paper behind her inside.

In photos, Trisha leans over her Rolls Royce. She wears bedazzled pink crocs, a pair of thong briefs, and hikes her shirt.

"Find out what I did to get this Rolls Royce, 18 + new feed vid!" she wrote in the tweet. "No more seeing."

While the images eventually brought more attention to Trisha's OnlyFans account and her upcoming single launch, her fans quickly took action. They spammed Twitter with non-image-related images and videos.

Trisha herself retweeted someone who pointed out that the publicity surrounding her pictures included memes and other jokes.

"BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL MOST Certainly CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Trisha Paytas is currently trending with some people saying it's because she's running nude posts on Twitter, but most posts seem to be Stan's spamming fancams," the user wrote.

Trisha also used the photo discussion to inspire people to see more content like that by subscribing to her OnlyFans channel.

Many interested in seeing pictures can look at Trisha's Sept. 29 tweets. NSFW's feed.

Who is Paytas' boyfriend?

YouTube star had a high-profile relationship with member of Vlog Squad, Jason Nash, which ended in early 2019. She was later related to Jon Hill, married for nearly a decade to make-up vlogger Jaclyn Hill.

Recently, Trisha teased a highly public dalliance with Chad Johnson, Bachelorette alum. She last wrote in May.

She is now dating Moses Hacom on her Instagram page and on her OnlyFans website. She first posted on Instagram in June 2020.

Moses is a photographer, behind Channel Water initiative.

Why is Trisha Paytas Trending famous on twitter toilet paper photo butt breadcrumbs