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Why is Onlyfans not working & loading, how to fix verification on iphone reddit

The Internet is a great place to visit. Anyone can make money from it, whether they start a podcast, make a website, or start a new career on OnlyFans.

Still, everyone who uses the Internet, including us, can run into bugs that make it hard to use the websites we like.

Whether you are a creator or a user, if you can't get to OnlyFans, you are not alone.

So, in this article on our website, we'll talk about:

  • Why is OnlyFans not working?
  • How to fix the OnlyFans website?
  • What to do if you can't fix OnlyFans yourself?
Why is Onlyfans not working & loading, how to fix verification on iphone reddit

3 Problems that onlyfans often have

There are many things that could be wrong with OnlyFans. First of all, let's keep in mind that OnlyFans is a website, not an app.

Since there is no OnlyFans app, fixing the problem will be a little different.

That's why it's important to figure out why OnlyFans might not be working so that you can fix it.

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Onlyfans Aren't Loading

Most of the time, OnlyFans won't load because something is wrong with the system servers or the Internet connection.

OnlyFans is not an app. It is a website. So, if you want to use its service, you need a fast Internet connection. If you don't, OnlyFans won't load at all on your web browser.

DMs can't be sent.

Do you get a message that says "something went wrong" when you try to send a DM?

When browsing on a mobile device, this is usually just a temporary problem with the data.

It could also mean that there is a problem with your computer's operating system, which is easy to fix by changing your media settings.

Overall, OnlyFans doesn't have an app, but you can still use it on your iOS phone or Android phone. If there are small technical problems, "something went wrong" might show up on a page.

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Onlyfans Search Doesn't Work

If the server is having trouble right now, the search button might not work whether you use the site on your phone or in a browser.

When you don't have a good Internet connection or the site's server is having trouble, the OnlyFans search won't work.

How to Make Onlyfans Work Again

As you can see, a server error or a bad connection are usually the main reasons why OnlyFans doesn't work right.

So, try turning your Internet back on and see if that works.

If not, you could look for alternatives to OnlyFans or try one of these ways to fix the problem and use OnlyFans right away.

Fix 1: Use a different browser to open the OnlyFans website

You should always try to use OnlyFans from a different web browser first, whether you're trying to get to the site from an Android phone or a PC.

If you use Google Chrome, open the OnlyFans website in Firefox, and vice versa.

If the website loads on a different browser, the problem is with your browser and not the website.

Fix 2: Clear the browser's cache.

No matter if you use Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari, you should always clear your browser's cache and temporary files.

When you have too many cache files, some websites won't load.

You have to follow the instructions for your browser, but here's how it works in general:

  1. Go to your browser's Settings or Preferences.
  2. Find the Privacy and Security tab and look for "Cache."
  3. Click "Clear Cache Data." If you want the site to load correctly, you must also delete cookies and other data.

Overall, clearing the cache in your browser should do the trick, so don't be afraid to do it!

Fix 3: Check the status of only fans

Are you sure that the status of the OnlyFan website is up and running? Maybe there are problems with the servers, which is why OnlyFans won't load.

You could look for comments on social media to see if other people are having the same problem.

Instead of looking for comments, you should go to the official OnlyFans Status website to find out accurate information about this.

If the servers aren't loading, there's nothing you can do but wait.

Fix 4: See if OnlyFans is available in your country

OnlyFans is not available in many countries, which is a shame. Depending on where you are, it might be nearly impossible to load the website.

So, click here to see if you can really use the OnlyFans website from your country by clicking here.

You could use a Virtual Private Network to get rid of the "OnlyFans is not available on your location" message, but you should only do this at your own risk.

Fix 5: Turn off add-ons in your web browser's settings.

Your browser's add-ons might be messing up the OnlyFans website. In this case, here's what to do:

Open your browser's settings and look for "Add Ons." Turn off all third-party browser extensions one by one. Close your browser and try to load the OnlyFans website again. It should work now. If not, continue to the next fix.

Fix 6: Talk to the OnlyFans support team

Last but not least, if you cannot access the OnlyFans website whatsoever, then contact customer service.

Tell them that there is no way to get to the OnlyFans website. Maybe your account is blocked for some reason. Don't worry, they will help you out.

All in all, follow each one of these fixes and we assure you that you will be surfing the OnlyFans website before you realize it!


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