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Why is my airdrop not working keeps saying waiting, no people found


You can move data from one iPhone to another or from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac. Airdrop is always a good idea that comes to mind right away. What if Airdrop doesn't work when you need it to? If you're having this problem, here's a guide with six suggestions for fixing the "Airdrop now working" error. Five of the six tips are ways to try to fix AirDrop, and the last one is a way to try to transfer data between iOS devices in a different way.

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Matters Need Attention

Before you use Airdrop, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These things let you rule out the things that are causing the problem with Airdrop not working right. Use your iPhone or iPad to check.

  1. Make sure your devices are running at least iOS 7 or Mac or X Lion (10.7).
  2. Turn on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iDevices before you turn on Airdrop.
  3. For the transfer to be safe, the two devices should be no more than 30 feet apart.

How to fix an iPhone or iPad that won't work with AirDrop

The six tips below are common ways to fix the "Airdrop not working" problem on iPhones running iOS 7 or later, from the oldest iPhone 4s to the newest iPhone 7.

Tip 1: Change your network settings.

You may already know that to use AirDrop, you need to have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on. If your iPhone's Wi-Fi connection isn't working right, that could be why AirDrop isn't working. You can try to fix your Wi-Fi connection by resetting your device's network settings. Listed below are the steps.

Step 1: Open "Settings" App and Click "General"

Step 2: Choose "Reset" and tap on "Reset Network Settings"

Tip #2: Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth again.

As mentioned in Tip 1, you have to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to use AirDrop. If AirDrop isn't working right, you can try reopening Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone's screen, tap the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to turn them off, then tap them again to turn them back on.

Tip 3: Sign in to iCloud again.

In addition to restarting your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can also fix the problem by signing into your iCloud again. Open the "Settings" app, tap on your name, and then go to "iCloud." Sign out of iCloud before signing back in.

Tip 4: Turn off and on your device.

To restart an iOS device, most people press the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time. This simple method could help you fix problems like "AirDrop isn't working" and "Bluetooth isn't working."

Tip 5: Make sure your device has the most recent version of iOS.

When Airdrop doesn't work, it could be because of bugs in the old version of iOS. With the latest version of iOS, some of those bugs might have been fixed.

Use iOS data transfer software to help you move your files.

As was said above, the best thing about AirDrop is that it lets you share files. For example, with AirDrop on, you can send photos from one iPhone to another. If it doesn't work right, you won't be able to share information between iOS devices. But don't worry, you can still transfer data between two iOS devices by using EaseUS MobiMover. MobiMover is a professionally designed iPhone data transfer tool for data sharing. It lets you move files between your PC and your iPhone or iPad, or between two iOS devices. MobiMover can make it easier for you to move data from one place to another. With MobiMover, the steps below will show you how to move things like photos from one iPhone to another.

Step 1: Hook up your iPhones to your computer. Open EaseUS MobiMover, and then go to > Pictures > Photos. You can also use the data transfer feature to download all of the photos from one iPhone to another at once.

Why is my airdrop not working keeps saying waiting, no people found
Step 1

Step 2: Pick the photos or albums you want to move from one iPhone to another (set the source and target iPhones correctly by clicking the phone icon on the top toolbar). You can choose to send all the photos at once or only some of them.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Click "To Another Phone" to start moving photos from one iPhone to another. When it's done, go to the device you want to check and look at the photos in the "Photos" app.

Step 3
Step 3

With MobiMover, you can not only share files between two iOS devices, but you can also do things like move photos from your computer to your iPhone, import videos from your iPhone to your computer, and delete bookmarks on your iPad. If you put MobiMover on your PC, you will enjoy the ease of use it gives you.

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