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Why does rfk jr talk like that, spasmodic dysphonia voice condition

Why does rfk jr talk like that, spasmodic dysphonia voice condition
Robert Kennedy Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr. is in charge of the anti-vaccine Worldwide Walkout, and a recent speech made people wonder what kind of disease he has.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is getting a lot of attention because he led the Worldwide Walkout against covid vaccine mandates.

Hundreds of cities took part in a rally on November 3, 2021, Kennedy said. When are the next rallies? They will be held from November 8 to 11.

Kennedy is the head of the Children's Health Defense Board and a lawyer for the group. He is protesting against the pharmaceutical industry and its "violation of citizens' rights."

Robert Kennedy Jr. lost his voice.

People who have spasmodic dysphonia, which affects the muscles in their voice boxes, can't speak well.

There is a lot of vibrations and sound when someone talks because air from the lungs is pushed between the two vocal folds.

With spasmodic dysphonia, the muscles inside the folds move and spasm, which stops the vibrations from going through. Because of this, the voice sounds tired and shaky. A person's voice can break a few sentences at a time, or it can break every word in very bad cases.

Robert Kennedy Jr
Robert Kennedy Jr
Before Kennedy's condition got worse, this was the beginning.

It started in 2001, when he was 47, and he told Oprah about it in 2007. Since he was a child, he has been sick.

It started out as a little shake for a few years, but Kennedy kept going to public events. He got a lot of letters from people who were happy that he talked about how he was feeling.

He said spasmodic dysphonia doesn't hurt, but it means he has to work harder when he talks. Kennedy was told that the condition would not get worse, but it has.

His appearance on C-Washington SPAN's Journal in 2004 shows that he was talking about the disease when it was still very new, which is important. It was not at all noticeable, and it was not at all strong.

Botox shots are only for a short time. It can take four months for the muscles in the voice box to be injected.

In Us, the character Red is based on Red.

When Lupita Nyong'o told Variety that the voice of her character in Jordan Peele's thriller, Us, was based on spasmodic dysphonia, she was being very specific. She worked with doctors and dialect coaches to learn about her character's condition.

"His voice and the way he looks inspired me to write."

However, after some people said it was "hurtful" that she used the disease to voice an evil character, she said, "I crafted Red with love and care." When I was writing this story, I wanted to put her in a place that felt real. I say sorry to anyone I may have offended because of all that.


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