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Why Choose A Singapore Server Location

Singapore server is the best choice when choosing a target Asian region. OVH and Leaseweb are available, which provide low prices with excellent infrastructure and internet connections.
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Internet network technology today is very amazing. Now this server location placement is not too big different. Because wherever a server point is located, it can reach the whole world. There is only a slight difference in speed with the furthest location when the user opens a web site or other application.

These facilities and speeds may not apply to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Some of them might be inappropriate, maybe even slow when the server is serving the closest location.

Servers and networks with these high-speed standards do not always have to be expensive. Many large server companies provide cheap prices. Among them is OVH which is headquartered in France. OVH has 11 of large datacenter in the entire world. The oldest and largest are in Paris and Roubaix in France, then Beauharnois in Canada. The last to be built was datacenter in Singapore and Sydney.

Next is, which is a provider that is also headquartered in France. only opens datacenter in France. But with the number of servers and speed that is not inferior to OVH.

Cheap but very bona fide provider is Hetzner, a German provider that has a very large datacenter in Nurenberg and Franfurt Germany, and one in Helsinki Finland. The next provider that is also very bona fide is Leaseweb, headquartered in the Netherlands, which has several datacenter in the Netherlands, the United States, and Singapore. Leaseweb is known for its good and very stable internet network.

In addition to the four providers mentioned above, there are actually many more low-cost providers that are very bona fide, but not as big as the four companies above. While premium providers with very expensive prices are usually based in the United States, such as Hivelocity and others. Keep in mind that the premium company is exclusive with a relatively small number of servers. So on a corporate scale, OVH, Hetzner, and Leaseweb are the largest.

Price VS Location

As mentioned above the location of the server has only a slight effect on internet speed to any location. But that slight difference is sometimes considered important and willing to buy at a more expensive price. But if the nearest location has been served by a kind of 4 companies above, of course the price will be the same.

As for those who pursue quality and speed at any price it doesn't matter, it will maximize the closest location. Or you can also subscribe to a premium server located in the United States and then use as many CDN networks as possible at the target location.

Server Location in Singapore

Related to the riots that occurred in Hong Kong at the end of July 2020, many application and web site owners hosting in Hong Kong moved to other places. Their favorite destination is Japan, South Korea and Singapore. This is intended to maintain the nearest target location. When considering a compromise between price and quality, Singapore is the only choice. Because Japan and South Korea are relatively expensive. Plus Singapore also has direct direct peering to mainland China. For Asia in general, Japan is the best choice.

For the target audience in Indonesia, Singapore is the best choice. Both in terms of price and quality. When placing a server in Indonesia, the price will be expensive with poor quality infrastructure and network connections. But the latest development is quite encouraging, some providers in Indonesia provide excellent services at competitive prices (only slightly more expensive) than singapore providers. To find a good provider in Indonesia, however, requires extra accuracy.

For the target area of Indonesia, if you want to play safe at a low price then the best choice is a singapore server. If it's still not possible, then you can subscribe directly to a French or German server. Low price with quite adequate quality.

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