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Why are brisbane lions wearing black armbands, eric hipwood stats

Why are brisbane lions wearing black armbands, eric hipwood stats
The Lions' Keidean Coleman is taken down.
Hawthorn beats the Brisbane Lions in a shocking upset in Launceston.

Hawthorn beat the Lions in Launceston in a shocking upset, but most fans were talking about how the game was called.

Hawthorn beat the Brisbane Lions in an exciting upset at University of Tasmania Stadium in Launceston. Both teams scored more than 100 points in a high-scoring game.

On Sunday afternoon, the lead changed hands nine times, including five times in the last quarter. At the end of any quarter, neither team was ahead by more than six points.

Two late goals gave the Hawthorn team a scare, but Sam Mitchell's team kept their cool and won by a narrow margin of 18.9 (117) to 17.10 (112). This ended a four-game losing streak for Hawthorn.

It was the first time since 2008 that both teams scored 100 points at York Park.

Sam Hargreaves, a commentator for AFL Nation, said, "That was Hawthorn's best win so far under Sam Mitchell."

"The lead changed four times in the last quarter, but Hawthorn held on.

"Wow, that was an amazing game."

Four years ago, in Round 15, Melbourne lost to St. Kilda despite having more than 112 points on the board.

Hawthorn is the only AFL team that Brisbane hasn't beaten since the year 2020.

But most football fans were more interested in the ridiculously high number of free kicks. In Round 20, there were 63, which is the most in an AFL game since 2012.

Lachie Neale, a midfielder for the Lions, was sent off for pushing and shoving with an opponent. Soon after, Tom Mitchell of Hawthorn was also sent off for the same thing.

Matthew Richardson, a great player for Richmond, said it was "outrageous," and Stephen Quartermain, a reporter for Channel 10, said it was "terrible."

But not everyone in Launceston was upset with the way the game was called. Tim Lane, a host on Channel 7, tweeted, "Isn't it funny. More free kicks are being given, and the game is getting better. The game gets boring if the rules aren't followed. Yes, there were some bad choices made today, just like there are every day, but you might want to think about what kind of game it was. Answer: "It's a bloody good one!"

Mitch Lewis, a forward for Hawthorn, kicked four goals, which was the most in the game. Mitchell, who played in the midfield, had 36 touches and seven tackles, making him the best player there.

The Hawks' next game will be against the Gold Coast Suns on Saturday night at TIO Stadium in Darwin. The first bounce is set for 7.40pm AEST.


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