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Who won the 80 million powerball tonight, winner 1317 draw time

The cleaner from North Melbourne, losing his job in COVID lockdown, will win a jackpot of 80M$.

The $80 million Powerball prize was won by a Melbourne parent who lost his jobs while locked down and worked as a cleaner.

After he had secured the only one division in 1317 and the middle of the morning he had been placed, there was a quest for a winner. Overnight.

After lost his job during the lockdown, North Melbourne guy worked as a cleaner.

The $80 million powerball jackpot was won by Melbourne's father who lost his job during the lock-in and worked as a cleaner.

In the Thursday night Powerball draw 1260, one individual took $80 million home.
In the Thursday night Powerball draw 1260, one individual took $80 million home.

After the only division he secured, one winning entry at draw 1317, and he was identified at mid-morning, searched the winner overnight.

After losing his jobs at lockdown, the North Melbourne man worked as a cleaner.

He now holds the title of the largest single lottery winner of Victoria and the third-largest lottery winner of Australia.

"When I was locked up in Melbourne, I lost my job. We just purchased the house and saw it not come," he said.

"Since then, I have been working as a cleaner to achieve the ends. These lockdowns were hard for our family, just like for so many people." But you simply have to keep trying, I always said. Look what happened now. Look what happened. It's totally incredible."

The dad claimed he's going to first pay his mortgage and bills and then watch their children livelihood.

Powerball won 1317 in 10, 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, 4 on Thursday 12 August, while powerball was 7.


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