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Megan Thy Stallion

sends strong message in success 'SNL':

'Protect Black Women'

The rapper, who performed her songs for the Chris Rock-hosted Season 46 premiere "Savage" and "Don't Hesitate," made a strong Black Lives Matter comment during her first set.

Midway through "Savage," the screens behind the rapper flashed messages like "Protect Black women," while activists paused the song for audio. She then pleaded to defend Black women and Black men, and sharply criticized Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron for handling the Breonna Taylor case.

Earlier this year, Louisville police killed Taylor in her apartment, and no grand jury indicted any of the officers involved with her death-related acts.

The message "Daniel Cameron is no better than the Negroes who sold our people into slavery" appeared on the television.

"We need to protect and love our Black women ... And we need our Black women at the end of the day, "Megan said.

A Kentucky grand jury last month charged ex-police officer Brett Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting bullets that went into the apartment next to Taylor's during the failed March 13 search that went awry.

But no charges were brought against Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, who fired the bullets that killed the 26-year-old unarmed Black woman in her hallway that night.

The grand jury's decision ignited national demonstrations and indignation, including from influential celebrities.

Megan wasn't the only "SNL" artist to speak out during the season opener. During his monolog, Host Chris Rock talked about the pandemic, election, and very essence of government.

"We must take this seriously, man," he said. "We can lick it all right now – we can beat it – if we face it together."

As Megan and her dancers stood in the center of the song, Mallory's voice sounded, with the quote "Daniel Cameron is no better than the sell-out blacks who sold our people into slavery" projected behind them. In the case, raised by Cameron 's office, no charges were brought against any of the officers directly linked to Taylor 's death.

Megan's message was compounded by the fact that she was recently a victim of gun violence herself, claimed by rapper Tory Lanez, during a still mysterious incident in Los Angeles on July 12. According to Megan's account, the two got into an altercation that night and he fired multiple bullets at her as she left the car they were riding in, resulting in injuries to her foot.

Although Megan appeared or was mentioned on Saturday on several occasions on "SNL," the "Savage" appearance was the critical one. (In the weeks after the Tory Lanez incident, Megan displayed a unique ability to alternate between critical statements and entertainment, as shown by both her August Variety cover story and her social media posts around the release of "WAP," her latest single with Cardi B, whickening.

In the opening of the episode, "WAP," a parody on last week's contentious presidential debate, when Maya Rudolph appeared as Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, saying "We need a WAP: woman as president." Later in the program, Bowen Yang, playing a U.S. TikTok delegate, quoted some lyrics from "Savage."

More substantially, Megan appeared in one of the show's parody rap / R&B songs, this one about a mask-era dating song called "Let me see the bottom of your lip." She also made a brief appearance in a "NBA Draft Bubble" skit.

She eventually performed her new song, "Don't Hesitate," with a brief cameo from Young Thug, until both appeared — masked — with the full cast in the credit-rolling finale of the season.


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