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Her success started with the app, where she signed up in 2015, soon gaining a huge following with her lip-sync posts. Today, she's a real social media craze with millions of followers and one of the most promising and successful Internet teenage celebrities. She posts on her YouTube tips about how to make videos, shares videos about her life, and engages in numerous challenges. She has over 16 million followers through multiple social platforms. People like her for her excellent charm, humor and pleasure.

Blogging is relatively recent popularity. And it's not a fact it will hold on the tide for 20-30 years or more. And Baby Ariel knows perfectly. They aspire to retain their success through reality shows and youth dramas. Still dreaming of a musical career. And he's taking all the steps:

Ariel's recorded 8 singles. Each has amassed several million views on YouTube;

The singer's first album will release soon;

Media have already christened her pop culture hero, and others even prophesy Michael Jackson 's fame.

Don't forget Ariel's a very young girl. She has seemed to do many better than all of us in our whole life for her 19 years. She not only gained success but also offered a helping hand to other girls with troll attacks. With no musical experience, but a very characteristic voice and performance, she found her way into America 's famous studios. For the last 5 years, Ariel has won as many honors as many have failed in the entire family history.

She remains, however, an engaged and happy teenager who is learning well and planning to enter university. "I can only dedicate myself 100% to what I enjoy after getting a full education," says Ariel. Just hoping her success in this remains.

Dad: Her Panamanian dad is Jose Martin. He's a good daughter buddy and still loves her. His@joselmartin Twitter account.

Mother: America 's mother. Her name is Sharon Kremen Martin, from New Jersey. She also features on videos of her daughter and has her own account called musical.lymom.

Her brother Jacob, born on March 21, 2004, is also a prominent social media figure. His nickname is King Jacob, mostly works on and YouTube videos with his girlfriend. Ariel likes him a lot, but he's irritating sometimes.

Baby Ariel Net Worth

Ariel's net worth is forecast at $2.5million by 2020. Like all social media personalities, she makes good promotional money with promoted goods on her images and videos.

Facts and Favorites:

People equate her with Ariel Doll, but Ariel doesn't identify with this character, she's only called by her parents.

  • Her close friend, TheyLoveArii, became very famous with Ariel in the app. They also film together.
  • She looks beautiful while wearing lipstick. She has multiple colors for various moods and times.
  • She says hand gestures are one of the most important elements in a film.
  • She explains videos as "15 seconds you love to do."
  • She's an inspiration anti-bullying.
  • She's no tattoos. She was seen with something that looked like a tattoo, but it was henna.
  • She has summer camps.
  • Her haters call her disgusting. Ariel doesn't even notice.
  • She uses her phone's back pop plug. She says regularly shooting videos inspires her.

Questionnaires misc

What's her name?

Her real name is Ariel. And her name is Martin.

What was her most famous videos?

Baby Ariel's first video was lip-sync for Nicki Minaj 's hit. And her most famous video is a lesson, showing her fans how to create cool videos for this app.

How has social media changed her life?

Social network fame helped Ariel develop self-confidence. Now, the street people remember the child, and it leaves her a little puzzled. It brought her not only supporters, but also haters. It also takes a lot of her time to get online-schooled.

What's your agency?

Ariel signed a deal with CAA in 2016.

What's she done aside from becoming a social media celebrity?

Ariel attends online school and leads an exciting life full of friends and activities. She launched Arielmoji's own sticker app in 2017. She also sells items on her website, including clothing, lipsticks, luggage, pop sockets, and phone cases.

Why do people like her?

Her fans love her smile, gorgeous features, and attitude.

When was she first realized she was popular?

She first understood people noticing her in the store. Someone pictured her and found it on Instagram as she returned home. She was puzzled about that.

What's her fight against bullying?

Baby Ariel experienced abuse online and offline after being famous on social media. When she realized she wasn't alone, she formed her own # Arielmovement bullies initiative. Her fans believe the girl showed them how to conquer this trouble, remaining kind and optimistic whatever people say.

What's her school attitude?

She thinks education is important, but as she becomes more famous, it becomes harder for her to reconcile her popularity with learning.

What's her awards?

She received Choice Muser's first Teen Choice Award in 2016.

What's her best advice about making an amazing video?

She says deciding on the song you love most right now is really important, so make sure you know the words, get into the right mood, add hand gestures, and start recording! She also shares her own favorite movements in her video lessons.


Ariel's dated

Zach Clayton (2015-2016) – Ariel first encountered Zach Clayton in June 2015 at DigiFest in New York City. Over the next few months, they were seen staying at various social media gatherings. They began dating by year's end. They made their relationship public in February 2016 at Orlando's Playlist Live show. Their fans called Zariel. In June 2016, they revealed they wanted to split up. In a message posted on their Instagram pages, they say they always loved each other, but found it hard to cope with their busy work schedules. They stayed close friends after separation and even gathered for DigiTour.

Jacob Sartorius (2016) – Ariel was speculated to follow another social media giant, Jacob Sartorius, in October 2016. The news of being together had began swirling a few months ago when they were seen hanging out in each other's videos. These reports hit a fevered pitch after Jacob's supposed picture was leaked.

Blake Gray (2016-2017) – Ariel 's suggestion of going out with YouTuber Blake Gray began appearing on her social accounts in late 2016. In the first week of December, after tweeting 'I love making you happy,' they kind of announced their relationship and she answered with heart smileys. Soon after they became a regular fixture in each other's social media posts, including together making YouTube videos. It was later announced they formally entered a relationship on December 10. This was announced during her five-month anniversary on Twitter. They renamed it in July 2017. Overall, they were eight months married.

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