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Where does hometown on hgtv take place, city of laurel filmed

Where does hometown on hgtv take place, city of laurel filmed
Nobody knows and loves Laurel, Mississippi, quite like Erin and Ben Napier. After all, the small Southern city is where Home Town is filmed, and the Napiers are the stars of the HGTV show.
People who watch HGTV's "Home Town" may not know the truth about where the show is filmed.

A lot of people visit the place where the movie was made because of the Napiers.

HGTV's Home Town isn't like the other home-renovation shows. It doesn't go to different towns across the country.

Ben and Erin Napier are the stars of a popular TV show that pays tribute to small-town life in the United States. Every episode shows how much the couple cares about restoring and revamping the area's old homes, while also helping their neighbors out. With Ben's skills as a builder and Erin's creative eye as an artist, the two are unstoppable and end up making their town better while still keeping its unique charm.

Ben and Erin are so good at what they do that, of course, many people who watch the show on HGTV want to know more about the Napiers' home town.

Welcome to Laurel - take the grand tour with Ben and Erin Napier. Catch an all-new episode of Home Town Tonight 9|8c
It is filmed in Home Town.

In Home Town, all of the work is being done in Laurel, Mississippi, which is where Ben and Erin were born and raised. There are 18,500 people in this town, according to its website. It's about 30 miles north of Hattiesburg and 60 miles south of Meridian. Lance Bass, Leontyne Price, Parker Posey, Ralph Boston, and Akeem Davis used to live in the town, too.

Laurel, of course, has made a lot of progress since the show began in 2016. The Napiers think that people are buying vacation homes in the area very quickly. There is a lot of tourism in the area.

"Erin told Pop Sugar in January: "The minute a house goes on the market, it's gone." Ben added: "We've had visitors from New Zealand, Australia, and Europe [to our stores]." People are coming from all over to see this little town that HGTV showed them."

To help other small towns, Ben and Erin have helped many other places. Their new goal is Wetumpka, Alabama, in the episode called "Home Town Take Over." The town was reportedly chosen for the HGTV spin-off show after the show got 5,000 submissions from 2,600 towns across the country.

Home Town: Ben's Workshop is Ben's show on Discovery+. In it, he helps celebrities work on different projects with his help.

Erin and Ben Napier
Erin and Ben Napier
It is important to know the history of Laurel, Mississippi

There's a reason there are so many pretty old houses in Home Town: Laurel has a lot of history to show off. When you live in Southeast Mississippi, you'll find a lot of pine trees in the "Pine Belt." This area is also known as the "Piney Woods." If you look at the city's website, sawmills were built in the 19th century, which made Laurel known as "Yellow Pine Capital of the World."

Rail lines made it easier to move timber, and engineer William H. Mason used sawdust to make Masonite. The Lindsey Eight Wheel Log Wagon was also made in Laurel. The metal parts for it came from Laurel Machine and Foundry Co., which is still in business and employs 128 people.

There's an annual "Pancake and Parade Day"
There's an annual "Pancake and Parade Day"

How do I get there?

One of the stops on the Amtrak line is still the Laurel Train Depot, which is very old. There are two airports near here if you're flying: the Noble-Hessler Field Airport and the Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport. Jackson, MS; Gulfport, MS; New Orleans, LA; and Mobile, AL; are all short drives away. Coming in a car? It's very easy to find detailed driving directions on the website for the town.

Erin and Ben own local businesses
Erin and Ben own local businesses
Erin and Ben run businesses in their area.

The first thing to do if you ever go to the filming location of Home Town is to go to this place. Four of their best friends helped them restore and reopen the Laurel Mercantile. Erin's cousin Jim Rasberry and his wife Mallorie, who is Erin's best friend, also helped.

If we're going to be serious about revitalizing small-town America, we have to be serious about making things in the United States, so that our hometowns can stay strong. This is what Ben says in a promotional video.

It's not just Scotsman Co. and Lucky Luxe stationery stores that Ben and Erin run (which is currently on hiatus).


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