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Coinbase files are secret and hyped

Coinbase, probably the most popular American crypto company, today announced its request to be made public confidentially. The company's debut, which was announced earlier this year was anticipated.

As the classified filing of the well-funded unicorn seems to be an affair in early 2021. At this point, it is not clear what kind of flotation the company will be following. The announcement from Coinbase is anodyne as such updates appear to be. Slack's message of early 2019 was similarly uninformation free; Slack was released by a direct listing last year before he recently decided to sell them to salesforce. The brief blog posting doesn't specify whether Coinbase is to follow a conventional IPO or to direct listing.

rIn October 2018, Coinbase raised big, established and private money, including an E-Series of $300 million. According to Crunchbase statistics, its 2017 D series priced a hair of more than $100 million. Among the investors who have led rounds in a crypto-focused fintech business are Tiger Global, Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ Wachstum and IVP.

There is no question about the scale of Coinbase's sales, or the fact that its activities have shown profitability or not in recent years. Although there have been reports about the company's historic growth, the latest trends are opaque. So how far the imminent public valuation of Coinbase relates to its private valuation of $8 billion is difficult to imagine.

The business is publicly working in the center of a spike in the interest in cryptocurrencies, which in recent months have raised prices.

Coinbase has had some controversial spots in 2020, including the loss of thousands of staff after its CEO announced that the organization would not be interested in any policy questions that, in its opinion, are not specifically related to the mission of the company. The dialog that followed on the decision of the organization was noisy.

Neverthless, we can now add Coinbase to a list for the companies we plan to float in January by using Roblox and Affirm's own IPO early in 2021.

What the Coinbase IPO will mean for the crypto industry

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