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Whats wrong with snapchat app crashing not working today, when will be fixed


Snapchat is crashing again for a large number of users.

Snap has acknowledged a problem with users being unable to log in.

Many Snapchat users are unable to log in, with thousands of reports of the issue.

The world's largest social media platform, which has billions of users, acknowledged the issue and stated that they are working on a solution.

According to, nearly 10,500 complaints have been lodged about the issue since 9 a.m.


As of Thursday evening, Snapchat was experiencing a massive outage, with over 125,000 users reporting issues on Downdetector. I attempted to log into the app on my iPhone 12 Mini, and the app now crashes every time I attempt to open it. Two additional Verge employees are also unable to open the app.

Snap acknowledged the issue in a tweet at 6:51 p.m. ET. “We are aware of an issue that is preventing some Snapchatters from logging in,” the company stated on its support page. “Hang in there; we're investigating and working on a fix!”

The outage comes on the heels of a June bug in which an iOS version of the Snapchat app would crash upon launch. That bug was eventually fixed in a subsequent update.

As always, I strongly advise you to follow the memes being shared on Twitter — they should serve as a pleasant diversion until Snapchat is fixed.

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