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what did zorko say to petty, inappropriate comment to Melbourne player

Dayne Zorko, the captain of Brisbane, says he is sorry for the sledge that made Demon Harrison Petty cry.

Dayne Zorko, the captain of Brisbane, has apologized to Melbourne's Harrison Petty for a sledge that made Petty. Zorko said he lost control.

Petty was visibly upset during the halftime break at the Gabba. He left the field for a while before coming back late in the Demons' 58-point win over the Lions on Friday.

Alan Richardson, the football manager for Melbourne, and Danny Daly, the manager for Brisbane, got into a heated argument about what happened, and then several Demons went up to Zorko after the game was over.

Brisbane's club said in a statement on Saturday morning that Zorko had done something wrong. "I told Harrison I was sorry for the rude thing I said to him last night," he said.

"I feel bad about what I did and take full responsibility for how Harrison, his family, and the Melbourne Football Club were hurt by it. I know I need to be a better leader now that I've had time to think about it, and I've confirmed this with the club.

It happened after Demons coach Simon Goodwin said the inappropriate comments about a member of Petty's family would be sent to the AFL.

"At three-quarter time, Petts was a little upset. Goodwin said, "He went away, reset himself, and then came back into the game." "That's all the information we're going to give."

Dayne Zorko thinks about what he said to Melbourne player Harrison Petty that was "inappropriate" during the Lions' 58-point loss to the Demons at The Gabba.
Dayne Zorko thinks about what he said to Melbourne player Harrison Petty that was "inappropriate" during the Lions' 58-point loss to the Demons at The Gabba.

Steven May, another defender for the Demons, put his arm around Petty, who was also seen talking to Mark Williams, Troy Chaplin, and Goodwin. After the fight, Melbourne's May told AFL Nation that Petty "wasn't like he usually is."

May said, "He's a tough country boy. Not much gets to him." "At the end, I talked to Zorko and told him that whatever he said, he went too far. He (Zorko) seemed very sorry, but he told me he didn't say it. I think there was a mix-up.

"On the field, there's a line you shouldn't cross."

Zorko has had two problems with Gold Coast midfielder Touk Miller after games.

Miller turned down the young midfielder's offer of a handshake after the first Queensland derby in 2019. He then yelled at the Sun in the second game that year, before the Sun strangely followed Miller around the field with his hand out after a brief handshake.

Chris Fagan, the coach of the Lions, said that Zorko's actions may have been caused by Brisbane's bad night at work, when the Demons almost put an end to their hopes of making the top four. However, he defended his leader's character.

"He cares a lot about our football club, so he would have been pretty upset by what was going on, which could have made him angry," Fagan said.

"I'd like to see some vision to get a good feel for that because, even though his leadership wasn't great tonight, he's been great for us over the last four or five years. So I'm not going to give him a hard time for one performance where he might have been less than perfect."

But a Brisbane Lions statement the next day confirms that Zorko "has been counseled by Lions senior management," which includes CEO Greg Swann, Chairman Andrew Wellington, Senior Coach Chris Fagan, and General Manager Football Danny Daly.

The statement went on to say, "Zorko admits he said things to Harrison Petty that were not appropriate, and he is committed to keeping his emotions in check for the good of himself and the Club."

Luke Jackson got a corked calf late in the Demons' win, so he had to be replaced. Goodwin was sure that the ruckman wouldn't miss any games because next weekend is a bye before finals.

Brisbane is almost certain to finish fifth or even sixth on the ladder. Jarrod Berry hurt his ankle, and Cam Rayner was put on report for a sling tackle on Ben Brown of the Demons in the first quarter.


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