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Western bulldogs highest score, west coast eagles bailey Williams

Western bulldogs highest score, west coast eagles bailey Williams
In Perth, the Eagles were killed by the Dogs.

A big win is important for the Western Bulldogs before the rest of the season gets tough.

The Western Bulldogs are now in the top eight, but they have a lot of work to do if they want to stay there.

Even though the Western Bulldogs didn't go into Saturday night's game against West Coast with the goal of winning by 100 points, coach Luke Beveridge said that a big win was a must.

The second half of the season will be hard for the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs are now in the top eight, thanks to three straight wins and a huge percentage boost against the Eagles. However, they will have to work hard to stay there.

The Dogs still have to play seven games against teams that are ahead of them on the ladder. Two of those games are against Geelong.

That's the "payoff" for making it to the grand final.

They only play the Eagles once, while Fremantle, the Gold Coast, Richmond, Geelong, and Adelaide all play them twice. Both the Cats and the Suns have two games against the Kangaroos, who are in 17th place.

The Dogs still have to play four games against teams below them on the table. Two of those games are against Greater Western Sydney and two against both Hawthorn and Hawthorn.

Beveridge points out, though, that the travel schedule is just as tough as the teams they still have to play, so the 101-point win in Perth helps.

"There's a competitor in all of us who doesn't have any mercy for the other team when there's a chance for a big win," he said.

"I don't preach about the outcome, and we don't always pay attention to it. It's about the most important parts of what you do and what you need to do to win games.

"Whatever comes out of that comes out. "

The Bulldogs coached by Beveridge are getting ready for a tough stretch of games.
The Bulldogs coached by Beveridge are getting ready for a tough stretch of games.

When the Eagles have been losing by an average of 70 points in recent games, you know that other teams probably had a chance and took it.

We didn't talk about it, but there's no doubt that it was on our minds.

Now, with what's coming up, I don't think we'll get anything for free, but any time you can get a little bit of a margin, it gives you a chance. Each little bit helps. We have a pretty busy schedule coming up, so it's good to get ahead of the book. Six of the next 11 games are against the same three teams, but there is a lot of travel. We go to Brisbane, we go to Tassie, we got to Sydney, twice. " We've already played most of the teams in the top eight, and we still have to play the Saints, Carlton, and Melbourne, in addition to the other six teams. So, we have a lot of work to do."

The only worry for the Bulldogs is that key forward Aaron Naughton hurt his wrist in the big win over West Coast.

Ruckman Both Tim English and small forward Cody Weightman made it through after being hurt for a few weeks.

They beat up the Eagles, who were having trouble. They had 31 more shots inside the 50-yard line, 21 more shots that went in, 28 more possessions that were contested, and 10 more clears.

The Dogs had 16 different people score goals, which tied the AFL record.

Even though the Dogs needed the big win, Beveridge believed that Simpson, with whom he had worked at Hawthorn, could help the Eagles get through this tough time.

"In the end, after what's happened, you can't help but feel bad for the Eagles. They've had a lot of injuries, and the Covid situation and what's happened have really hurt the club," he said.

"Simmo and I really got along, and I trust him. I think of him as a friend."

He just needs to keep his head up, which is something he does naturally. "The thing about Simmo is that he talks about unity, but he also shows it. He brings people together and is a good leader. I'm sure the Eagles will be fine, and Adam will help them get through the problems they're facing right now.


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