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Wayne Carey news, Triple M infamous white powder saga on Channel 7

It is said that Wayne Carey will not be on Triple M's AFL commentary team again next year.

Wayne Carey, a well-known person from North Melbourne, is said to have lost one of his media jobs because of the white powder scandal from last week.

North Melbourne legend Wayne Carey will not return to Triple M’s AFL commentary team next year.

After his well-known white powder scandal, the 51-year-old stopped working with free-to-air TV station Channel 7 and radio station Triple M for a while last week.

But according to The Age, Carey's contract with Triple M is over and he won't be a commentator for the station in 2023.

In a statement to the publication, Southern Cross Radio's chief content officer Dave Cameron thanked Wayne for his work on Triple M's football commentary team and wished him the best for the future.

Wayne Carey
Wayne Carey

Carey was taken out of Crown Perth earlier this month after a small bag of powdered substance fell out of his pocket.

The North Melbourne captain, who has won two Premierships, said that the powder was made of "crushed up anti-inflammatory drugs" that are used to treat football injuries.

Carey says he tried to give the bag to staff at Crown in Burswood last Thursday night after he dropped it at a gaming table.

The WA Police are still looking into something.

Last week, Carey told reporters outside the Wagga Wagga RSL in rural NSW that Crown staff had two chances "40 minutes apart" to call the police that night, and he was "really disappointed" that they didn't.

"The police would have been called right away if what was said had happened," he said.

"When I went upstairs to my room, they had another chance to call the police, but they didn't.

"I'm wondering why. Because if they had called the police, I wouldn't be here talking to you about this."

But Crown Resorts CEO Ciaran Carruthers said that Carey's account of what happened is different from what casino staff said happened.

"That goes against what our own employees and witnesses who were there at the time have told us," he said on 6PR radio last week.

Mr. Carruthers said that casino staff and witnesses said Carey did not give security the bag of powder when it fell on a gaming table.

He also said that Carey told the hotel staff that he was not a guest there.

Crown Resorts CEO Ciaran Carruthers said, "Our team went to him in his room and told him he needed to leave."

"He worked with us. He asked for a little time to get his things, and we gave it to him. He then left the property," he said.

Mr. Carruthers agreed that he should have called the police.

Last week, it came out that Carey had hired lawyer Josh Bornstein to look into a possible discrimination claim against Perth's Crown Casino on the basis of a person's disability.


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